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Lumileds integrated light guide technology provides non-pixelated illumination with a luminous flux

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-10-19
With the next generation of integrated lightguide technology, its Matrix Platform delivers breakthrough lumen output and efficiency. The revolutionary integrated light guide technology provides non-pixel lighting with good visual comfort and the flexibility to choose a tailored light distribution pattern for both indoor and outdoor lighting designs. What's more, these integrated light guides can be combined with other Matrix Platform advanced technologies (such as integrated drive technology, connectivity and control, and/or dimming electronics) to speed time to market while meeting Design Light Consortium (DLC) Premium standard. “Lighting manufacturers have been looking for high-efficiency solutions for high-lumen output and ultra-thin shapes for applications such as parking, regional and floodlights, while providing visually comfortable, non-pixelized, uniform illumination,” According to Viral Hazari, director of product line at Lumileds Matrix Platform. “Our Matrix Platform helps solve the challenges customers face by providing a unique light engine solution.”

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Controlling the light distribution is as important as the efficiency of the light output and output. Lumileds integrated light guide technology makes it possible to control the beam and provides an integrated optical solution for excellent visual comfort with ideal light distribution (Lambertian, 3/4/5, asymmetrical, Batwing). “Customers are always looking for better ways to control the light distribution of luminaires to meet specific application needs and DLC Premium requirements. The Matrix Platform integrated light guides offer a wide range of options for beam control for parking lot lighting. The batwing light distribution, the 3/4/5 light distribution of street lighting, and the asymmetrical and Lambertian light distribution of indoor lighting," Hazari said.

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The integrated light guide solution can be used to create DLC Premium-compliant luminaires using high- or medium-power LUXEON LEDs of various color temperatures and CRI. The initial design of the outdoor luminaire has proven to achieve 25,000 lumens of light output and 128 lm/W system efficiency, exceeding the DLC Premium outdoor lighting specifications. For indoor area lighting, integrated light guide technology is also advantageous for its uniform light distribution, visual comfort and high efficiency.

Matrix Platform's advanced technology enables manufacturers to simplify and better manage the supply chain and accelerate time-to-market for luminaires to capture a higher market share. Other Matrix Platform advanced technologies include the Oberon Smart Assembly Pick and Place System, which eliminates binning and allows LUXEON LEDs to be selected based on parameters such as flux, Vf and/or flux. The integrated drive maximizes space for system optimization and slim, compact fixtures. The Matrix Platform's connectivity and control solution enables rapid implementation of wireless control, enabling intelligent lighting linked to IoT solutions.

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Lumileds integrated light guide technology provides non-pixelated illumination with a luminous flux of over 25,000 lumens