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Welcome to Hong Kong international lighting fair 2018 – Innotech


Welcome to Hong Kong international lighting fair 2018 – Innotech

[ Shenzhen, China], [Date] – One of the biggest events this year has finally arrived in Hong Kong. Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd (Innotech) is proud to introduce new lighting products and technology at the HK Lighting Fair. Worldwide buyers would expect to see various energy-efficient and environmental friendly LED filament bulbs) during the event. They can also find other high-quality commercial lighting products that would change the world.
Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd aims the HK Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2018 to be a success. So, buyers who are looking for the best lighting products are in for a big surprise. The event would be a memorable and exciting fair for all buyers.

With Its brand name INNOLITE, Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd was founded at Shenzhen, the 1st Special Economic Zone in China, in 2001. For 17 years, the company is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of directional and non-directional LED lamps, LED tube lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights and other products. The company offers residential and commercial lighting services to clients around the globe.

Customers can have eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting products that are always high-quality. Now, Innotech would showcase its excellence to the world at the Lighting Fair 2018. The said event would be held on October 27 to 30 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).  Here, buyers are invited to buy various of decorative LED filament bulbs and other items that they like.

The HK Lighting Fair is the biggest autumn lighting fair in Asia. It’s the second biggest in the world. Innotech invites everyone to come and see the following Innotech LED Lights:
1.Giant LED filament bulbs;
2.PCA LED Downlights IP65 Waterproof;
3.PCA LED Ceiling spotlights;
4.Full Glass G9 & R7S LED light bulbs;
5. Glass GU10 / MR16 LED Spotlights and more.

Innotech is happy to showcase the latest products in filament technology at 5E-F34 – the same booth  the company used last year. All clients and buyers are welcome to join and visit the HK Lighting Fair 2018. Innotech has big surprises for everyone!

About Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd:
For the past 17 years, Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd proves to be the best expert manufacturer and  supplier of lighting products. It offers residential and commercial lighting, light source and other items. The company also provides eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting products. Customers from different countries benefit from the quality and success of these green lighting solutions.

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HK International lighting fair (Autumn Edition) 2018 Booth NO. : 5E-F34