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Precise Characterization of Infrared Sources
Release on2021-05-10The demand for IR measurement solutions has increased significantly in the recent years. IR LEDs and IR lasers such as VCSELs have enabled many new ap...Read More
Samsung Chip Shortages May Impact Production Capacity of Micro LED TV
Release on2021-05-06The next implicated product may possibly be smart TV amidst the incessant global chip shortage, and Samsung commented that the company might experienc...Read More
Glamox Acquires Luminell
Release on2021-04-26Glamox AS has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in the Norwegian company Luminell Group AS. Established in 2010, Luminell has ac...Read More
GE Lighting presents GE SUN LED Bulbs full
Release on2021-04-20GE Liveging, a more acute company helps consumers maintain their circadian rhythm, the natural cycle of the body's sleep, because when we sleep well, ...Read More
STAr Technologies introduces a new integrated test system for MicroLED devices
Release on2021-04-16Taiwan-based STAr Technologies launched a new inspection system for MicroLEDs and mini-LEDs devices. the Unicorn-LAIT is an integrated system with par...Read More
NICHIA’s advanced phosphor technology LEDs deliver industry’s highest joint-boost in color rendering
Release on2021-03-19H6 LED series raises the bar in lighting quality and overall effectiveness in discerning environments Tokushima, Japan – 15 March 2021: NICHIA, the w...Read More
Signify’s LED lighting helps The Kingfish Company to accelerate eco-friendly fish growth
Release on2021-02-26l Improves energy efficiency, optimizes feed conversion and reduces costsl Allows Kingfish to exceed system design output by as much as 30%l Promotes ...Read More
99.99% of Coronavirus Particles Killed in 30 Seconds with Nichia’s UVC LED and Mass Production
Release on2021-01-27According to Nichia, it has successfully developed a high-power LED that can eliminate the novel coronavirus, and the mass production has been prepare...Read More
Osram is realigning top management to the future corporate structure
Release on2021-01-26l CEO Olaf Berlien will be leaving the company after the Annual General Meeting end of February 2021l Chairman of the Supervisory Board Peter Bauer wi...Read More
Porotech Launches Groundbreaking Micro LED Product
Release on2020-11-27World first is set to transform next-generation display technology. University of Cambridge spin-out Porotech has today announced the launch of its fi...Read More
OSRAM Convenes Extraordinary General Meeting that Approves Rights of Control and Agreement of Profit
Release on2020-11-16OSRAM convened an extraordinary general meeting in Munich on November 3rd, which voted for the rights of control and the agreement of profit and loss ...Read More
NFKG and Light Space of Formosa Plastic Group Work with NCTU on the Promotion of UVC LED
Release on2020-11-04As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic prepares for its return, the establishment of a safe, comfortable, and bacteria-free environment has becom...Read More
Signify Supplies LED Lighting to Support GoodLeaf Farms’ All Year Food Production
Release on2020-10-22Signify reported that its horticulture LED lighting product was selected by GoodLeaf Community Farms in Canada to enhance food production. GoodLeaf gr...Read More
Acuity Brands Teams up with Violet Defense and PURO Lighting to Expand UV Disinfection Product Portf
Release on2020-10-15Acuity Brands reported that it has entered into strategic agreements with Violet Defense and Puro Lighting. These strategic agreements will give Acuit...Read More
Axus Technology and Compound Photonics Partner to Process Monolithic Micro LED Development for AR Ap
Release on2020-10-12Axus Technology, a provider of CMP, wafer thinning and wafer polishing surface-processing solutions for semiconductor applications, announced the coll...Read More
Samsung to Push QD Display Manufacture; BOE to Expand Its Market Share
Release on2020-09-27Samsung announced that it will stick to its play to produce QD display panel next year as the Korean giant has quit LCD business. Meanwhile, BOE, the ...Read More
Expands Patent Enforcement Campaign to Protect Its Filament LED Patents
Release on2020-09-14Nixon Peabody announced a major expansion of its groundbreaking patent enforcement campaign on behalf of the Regents of UCSB with new litigation again...Read More
Ai baTesla Supplier EOI to Expand Mini LED Automotive Display Business
Release on2020-09-10EOI (Excellence Optoelectronics Inc), the tail light module supplier of Tesla, announced that it has received orders for Mini LED automotive display. ...Read More
Horticulture Lighting based on LEDs to be Installed in Commercial Buildings- Breaking the Limitation
Release on2020-09-03A new deal announced by Heliospectra, a Sweden based horticulture lighting technology provider, unveiled a new approach for achieving urban farming wi...Read More
First Hand Football Game Reports Supported by Signify’s Trulif LiFi Connection
Release on2020-08-18Last September, Volkspark stadium in Humburg, Germany, installed Signify’s LiFi system Trulifi. The system has provided fast and reliable internet co...Read More