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Sams Osram presents the new quantum point LED

  • Author:Innés
  • Source:Professional LED.
  • Release on:2021-07-27

AMS OSRAM presents a new quantum point point. LED technology has increased for many years and the demand for high quality solutions and energy efficiency for general. Turning on is growing. The Osconq and 2835 CRI90 (QD) pushes the efficiency values, even to very high color performance rates and warm colors. The special package 2835 offers additional advantages of the system for manufacturers of appliance equipment.

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Quantum points (QD) are special semiconductor particles that emit light in different wavelengths that are waiting for their size when blue light hits. Its unique properties allow a very precise adjustment of the desired color temperature and exceptional efficiency values ​​in the warm white spectrum. "With our specially developed quantum matches, we are the only market producers that can offer this technology for general lighting applications," said Peter Naegelein, product management director at AMS OSRAM. "Osconq and 2835 is also the only available LED of its kind in the 2835 founded package and impresses with extremely homogeneous lighting."

The osconq and 2835 CRI 90 (QD) are available in a color temperature range of 2200 to 6500k and reaches exceptional efficiency values ​​of more than 200 lm / W. in the size of the spatial savings of the 0.5 W component of 2.8 mm x 3.5 mm Allows particularly compact and efficient lighting designs. The good absorption behavior of quantum points reduces the amount of nanoparticles required. I do not like other matches in general lighting, solutions based on points are still in their childhood in terms of development - With a very promising future of what can be achieved in the next generations of products. A special feature of the quantum points of AMS OSRAM is that they are encapsulated in a protective package that makes them more robust, protecting them from moisture and other influences from the pound. This special encapsulation technology allows you to use small particles in the "chip" operation challenging within an LED.

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The LED also satisfies the rigorous requirements of the Single Lighting Regulation (SLR) with respect to the energy efficiency of the luminous sources, which will become mandatory in Europe in September 2021. Part of the new guidelines is, among other things, a Value> 50 by saturated red, the so-called R9 value. R1 A R8 is used to determine the CRI. Each value represents represents a specific color.

The Osconq E2835 is also available in two versions: a CRI 80 component for office lighting solutions and retailers and CIAN osconeq E2835, which produces a spectral peak in the rank of blue wavelength that, except Melannin Production In the human body. , which makes it ideal for human harmful lighting solutions.