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How many kinds of LED lights?

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-02-05
LED variety, in shape, color, brightness, power and other aspects are different, on the one hand to the consumer has brought more choices, but on the other hand also increased the complexity of LED classification. On the general range of LED applications, we summarized as follows:

1, outdoor landscape lighting
Fence lights, spot lights, LED lights, LED shaped lights, digital lights, buried lights, lawn lights, underwater lights, the current market share of billions of dollars, the potential market of billions of dollars,G9 LED light bulbs Full glass.

2, indoor lighting

Wall lamp, chandelier, embedded lamp, spot light, corner light, flat light panel, grill light, fluorescent light, down light, change light, etc. At present, the market share is more than 1 billion Yuan and the potential market is over 10 billion Yuan.

3, special lighting

Portable lighting (flashlights, headlights), low-light (corridor, house lights, Tingyuan Deng), reading lights, microscope lights, projection lamps, camera flash, desk lamps, street lamps, the existing market share of billions of dollars There are tens of billions of yuan in the potential market,oem Edison LED bulbs manufacturers.

4, safety lighting

Miner's lamp, explosion-proof lights, emergency lights, safety lights, the existing market share of several hundred million dollars, the potential market has billions of dollars,LED Panel lights CCT ajustable.

5, special lighting

Military lighting, medical radiation-free lamps, treatment lamps, germicidal lamps, crops and flower-specific lighting, biological lamps, and solar photovoltaic cells combined with the special LED lights, the current market share is small, but of great significance And the importance of the potential market has tens of billions of yuan.