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The past and present of LED filament bulbs(part 2)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-10
Where does the LED filament lamp come from?

As early as 2008, Nippon Nippon Lamps introduced a filament lamp imitation of traditional incandescent lamps, led to great concern in the industry, and to achieve mass production. Followed by LED filament light(replacement LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer) source for the candle lights, crystal lamps, bulb began to appear in large numbers and more and more consumers are accepted, when the occasion is mainly applicable to five-star business hotel, luxury residential and other indoor lighting place.

Why does customers love LED filament lamp? 

Currently, customers in Europe, America, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are very enthusiastic about LED filament lamps. They particularly like its incandescent appearance and color temperature. They are willing to pay a higher price. The price of LED lighting products is not inherently expensive, the appearance of LED filament lamp(filament LED bulbs energy saving) is conducive to the original low-cost LED products to restore the face, helping to lower the price of LED lighting products, thereby accelerating the full LED lighting products to civilian areas to accelerate the real LED products become common people can see, affordable, with the assured lighting products. What is the current status and development prospects?

2014 may be a good year for the LED industry as the regulations on incandescent lamps in the United States, China, South Korea and Australia will be expanded from the existing industrial fields to residential interior lighting this year from In some ways, the development of LED filament lamp coincides with its development. LED filament lamp design, production technology The trend of maturity in 2013, the production of LED filament lamp factory has sprung up.

LED filament manufacturing technology, LED filament(LED lighting supplier and manufacturer china) application technology, glass bubble bubble inflatable technology, strobe technology without flash are followed by in-depth study and improve the package, many incandescent factory membership of this successful transformation and upgrading, combined with LED lighting manufacturers to join each other, LED filament lamp market is more and more lively, becoming the most popular LED bulb products.

For an industry, only the products of this industry can truly enter the civil realm and the common people begin to accept it generally. It is not far from the real stage of full-fledged development when using the products of this industry .