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Underground garage lighting installation LED lamp should pay attention to the problem

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-11
As people's living standards continue to rise, the car has almost become a travel tool for every household, so having an underground garage becomes important for a community. At the same time, the design of underground garage lighting has become even more important.

From the surface of the point of view, the underground garage LED tubes(LED Tube Light manufacturer china) with a higher color temperature, the higher the light efficiency, the interior is also brighter. In fact, the lower the color temperature led lights make people feel more comfortable, lower energy consumption. In general, the color temperature at 3000K ~ 3500K light softer, people feel more comfortable.

For the underground garage, the general will choose led lamp to lighting, led lamps relative to the traditional lamps to be more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient, longer life expectancy, reducing the frequent replacement lamps trouble.LED tubes (T6 LED tubes 28W replacement) energy efficient, environmentally safe, intelligent sensors, etc., and therefore become the best choice for underground garage lighting. However, in order to avoid problems when installing LED tubes, we need to pay attention to the following aspects! Be sure to check the power supply is cut off before installation, live operation is strictly prohibited to avoid danger. Install the adjacent lamp, the installation distance must be more than 1.5 meters, to avoid interference. Underground garage lighting LED tube(18W T8 LED Tubes) installation, the choice of location, the environment is also very important. It is best to avoid ventilation, fire pipes, etc., where safety is paramount. See the sensitivity of led lamp enough enough. If the sensitivity of induction lamp sensitivity is not enough, most people go under the lamp, the lamp will be bright; if the sensitivity of induction lamp is sufficient, then before going under the lamp, the lamp will be able to sense that it is bright Woke up. 

Therefore, the installation of led underground tube garage, we must pay attention to the above aspects, so as to ensure safety, but also more convenient!