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The past and present of LED filament bulbs(part 1)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-09
In 1879, Edison, an American scientist, invented incandescent light bulbs, setting a great exploit for mankind in the lighting field. Incandescent light since its inception, with humanity has gone 135 years. At a time when global warming is accelerating and desertification is getting worse, incandescent lamps with high energy consumption mean more coal resources are consumed and more carbon dioxide is emitted to the air, which is incompatible with the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction by governments. Incandescent has been like "East Palace yesterday" accelerated toward the elimination, is gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. However, consumers can not afford to give up this feeling. In order to cater to the nostalgia of consumers, the traditional incandescent lamp, made up of LED lamp(LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer) beads, came into being.

What is the LED filament lamp(shenzhen LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer) ?

As early as 2008, Nippon Nippon Lamps introduced a filament lamp imitation of traditional incandescent lamp LED lights, causing great concern in the industry, and to achieve mass production. Followed by LED(LED Filament Light Bulb supplier) filament light source for the candle lights, crystal lamps, bulb began to appear in large numbers and more and more consumers are accepted, when the occasion is mainly applicable to five-star business hotel, luxury residential and other indoor lighting place.