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Demand for LED filament lamps shows rapid growth

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-08
With the ban on the sales of incandescent lamps and the improvement of the standardized production specifications of LED filament lamps(LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer) in recent years, the global production of LED filament lamps has rapidly risen in 2017 and the market penetration rate continues to expand. According to the data, the global LED filament lamp market will reach RMB56.6 It is predicted that the annual compound growth rate of the global LED filament lamp market in 2017-20 2020 will reach 47.7%, showing rapid growth. 

According to statistics released by Gooread in May 2017, the global market demand for LED filament lamps(filament LED bulbs supplier china) reached more than 70 million in 2015, an increase of 376% over the same period of previous year. In 2016, the total market volume of LED filament lamps is about 250 million; in 2017, the total market volume of LED filament lamps will reach 450 million.

Insiders pointed out that the third quarter into the traditional off-season lighting, but the second half of the LED filament lamp(china LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer) is still the main force of the market, the current mainstream luminous flux of about 450lm, commonly used in churches, commercial space, restaurants, hotels using LED Candle lights and other decorative lighting.

China's filament lamp market is getting rid of low-quality, low-cost vicious competition. E-commerce stores and small convenience stores direct sales of filament lamps, planing to brokers, channel commissions, the filament lamp to cost-effective large number of billions of users into the market, so that the rapid turnover of filament lamps and landscape lighting in a wide range of business use.