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How much is the wattage of the led bulb

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-05
Whether the bulb is correct or not depends on the purpose of the bulb. Different types of bulbs, their watt, power and installation location are different. In order to achieve good results, we must consider the extensive purchase, but also an optional item, but we also choose carefully.

point (Glass LED lamp manufacturer porcelain) is the abbreviation of LightEmittingDiode, also known as light emitting diodes Chinese name, it is a semiconductor material that can convert electrical energy into visible light. According to the university's physics, knowledge learned that the LED is the most important part of a semiconductor circuit. One end is negative and the other end is connected to the positive pole of the power supply. When the current flows from the negative pole, the LED is not lit. Only when the current flows from the positive pole will it emit light. At the beginning of the led light, only red light, with the development of science and technology, can slowly issue a variety of light colors. 

So far, the use of led light is also very wide, the most common use is joints (Glass LED lights wholesale China), often used in shopping malls, clothing stores, windows, stage lighting, photo lighting, etc., it may be the best visual products landscape architecture, but also for the stage to create the best scene atmosphere.

LED light from high to low is divided into many different types, and the wattage of various watt lamps is not the same, I will tell you how many LED led light bulbs with plain white knitted and energy saving lamps conversion relationship, for your reference.

1W LED equivalent to 3W CFL (energy saving lamp) Equivalent to 15W bulb, 3W LED equivalent to 8W CFL (energy saving lamp) corresponds to 25W bulb, second watt and so on.

In general, the normal size of the living room with 3 w led lamp is enough; if the living room is relatively large, you can use different wattage lamps as needed, and larger bulbs are often used as a big screen. There are also common in everyday cell phone lights, car tail lights and traffic lights used often are LED lights. Overall, depending on the needs of different watt lamps (LED Bulbs Light C32 C35) has been applied in every corner of our daily lives, because of its great benefits.