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LED string light with its performance

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-04
As we all know, theLED(LED string light supplier china) light string is very beautiful, with all kinds of colors. When these leading light strings are lit in the darkness, they are like beautiful stars in the night sky. So many open-air bars or some commodities take these leaders Light string to decorate the shop, making the shop more attractive, or in everyday life it also has a lot of usefulness, and today we take a look at the leadership of the light string of knowledge about it.
LED string led a string of lights, the shape of this product is like a tape, coupled with the main element of the product is the LED, so the name came out. As for the light bar, but also take its shape, together with the original to form. The number of general light string has 15 lights, 30 lights, 60 lights refers to the LED light with the length of each meter on the number of welding LED components, in general, 1210 specifications with 60 meters per meter LED, 5050 specifications with each light 30 meters of rice LED, a special 60 meters per meter LED. LED lights with different numbers of LED lights with different prices, which is the difference between the price of LED lights with an important factor.

LED(LED string light manufacturer china) light string imported chip package for the light source; its light-emitting angle design larger, half-angle> 120 degrees, mixed color, no stains; use of LED-specific power supply Way, the circuit design for the constant current loop, the working performance is very stable, thus ensuring normal life> 50,000 hours; LED string light color consistency, color red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white; Convenient and quick, after a one-time injection molding waterproofing, waterproof grade IP65, plastic parts have installed card bit, do not need any accessories, you can directly in the word hole to install and fixed; colorful and full color controller can achieve colorful jump , Gradient, monochrome, full-color fluttering and other effects.
Believe that everyone will like to lead the light bar, different colors lead the light string can make different shapes, but also led to the light string is very energy-efficient, you do not have to worry about causing the light string will waste a lot of electricity, resulting in the light string is also particularly durable , So it's definitely not a problem if you want to open it for a night. 

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