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The key to LED lighting technology lies in these

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-03-08
1.Optical performance (light distribution)

The optical performance of LED lamps mainly involves performance requirements in terms of photometry, spectrum, and chromaticity.

According to the industry standard "semiconductor light-emitting diode test method", there are luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength Color index and other parameters.

LED lamp commonly used white LED, color temperature, color rendering index and illumination is particularly important, it is an important indicator of lighting atmosphere and the effect, and color purity and the main wavelength is generally not required.

2.thermal properties (structure) 

Lighting LED lighting efficiency and power supply is one of the key LED industry, at the same time, LED PN junction temperature and the case of the cooling problem is particularly important. PN junction temperature and the greater the difference between lamp body temperature, then the greater the thermal resistance, along with light energy is converted into heat consumed in vain, LED damage in severe cases.

A good structural engineer, not only to consider the structure of the lamp and LED thermal resistance, but also consider the shape of the lamp is reasonable, stylish, innovative, of course, reliability and maintainability and practicality, it is necessary to stand on the 
designer Point of view, but also stand in the user's point of view to consider the product.

3.Electrical properties (electronic)
If a lighting compared to a girl, then the light is her connotation, the structure is her appearance, the electron is her heart. Attract people's attention are always those beautiful, stylish beauty, the product is also true.

People do not have a heart without life, the lamp is not electronic power is not a good drive power can also determine the life of a product.

Electronic standards and parameters tend to be much more complicated than the structure, pre-R & D effort is relatively large. The current technology trends and updates are changing with each passing day. Every day, engineers have to spend a lot of energy to learn, absorb, decompose, and apply new technologies. 

The whole process of electronic design's pre-planning, medium-term implementation, and later-stage molding needs to form documents and form data. This is the most tedious thing in design. For example: a power supply design a pre-program, product profiles, standards based on standards, safety specifications, electrical performance expectations, process requirements, raw material evaluation, test methods, etc. should be formed system files.