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Five strokes teach you to choose integrated ceiling LED panel light

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-03-09
Principle 1: Look at the power factor of the overall lighting
The low power factor indicates that the design of the driving power supply circuit used is not good, thereby greatly reducing the service life of the lighting. How to detect? - Power Factor Meter General Export LED flat panel lamp power factor requirements to reach 0.85 or more. If the power factor is less than 0.5, the product is not qualified. Not only does it have a short life span, but it also consumes about twice as much electricity as conventional energy-saving lamps. Therefore, LED panel lights(LED Panel lights CCT ajustable) must be equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency drive power. If no power factor meter is used to monitor the LED lighting power factor consumers can use an ammeter to monitor. The greater the current, the greater the power consumption, the more power. The current is unstable and the lighting life is shorter.

Principle 2: Look at the heat dissipation conditions of lighting fixtures - Structures and materials
LED lighting(LED Panel lights Dimmable) heat dissipation is also very important, the same power factor lighting and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the cooling conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures, light failure will be great, and then reduce the service life. According to the effect of heat dissipation materials, copper, aluminum, and PC are divided from high to low. Currently, aluminum is the main material used for heat dissipation in the market. Currently, aluminum is the best choice, followed by aluminum, and the worst is cast aluminum. In terms of heat dissipation, the insert aluminum is the best.

Principle 3: Look at the driving power used by lighting
The service life of the power supply is much shorter than other parts of the lighting, and the life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lighting. In theory, the life of lamp beads is between 5-10 million hours, and the power supply life is between 0.2-3 million hours. Therefore, the design and material selection of the power supply will directly affect the service life of the power supply. It is recommended to choose the appearance of the material for the aluminum alloy power supply driver. Because the aluminum alloy heats up better than the engineering plastic, and can protect the internal parts from being damaged and loose during long-distance transportation, the failure rate is low.

Principle 4: Look at the quality of lamp beads
The quality of the lamp beads determines the quality of the chip and the packaging technology. The quality of the chip determines the brightness and light decay of the lamp. Generally, a good lamp is not only bright and bright, but its light decay is very small.

Principle 5:Seeing light effects
The same lamp power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness; the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-efficient.