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Looking at the LED demand dilemma from the Boston matrix

Innolite Innolite 2018-10-19 20:30:04

The dilemma of demand in the LED industry: the window of the star industry

A slight improvement to the Boston matrix is ​​not limited to analyzing a company's business, but can actually try to analyze the industry. As far as the LED industry is concerned, there are different application sectors internally, each of which presents different industrial characteristics and industrial life cycle stages.

LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer

Different application sectors are in different stages of the industry life cycle, and the contribution to the growth momentum of the industry is similar to the growth drivers of the company's performance in different business segments within the company. We only need to change the market share of the horizontal axis to the market size.

In the past, the growth rate of LED lighting, which played the driving force of industry growth, has been declining year by year, becoming the gold bull industry. Emerging display applications are growing fast and have a large room for growth. However, the provision of incremental demand in the short term is not enough to make up for the lack of growth momentum of the industry after the maturity of LED lighting. It is also a question mark industry. The star industry is in an awkward window, which means that in the future, the LED industry lacks killer applications to drive rapid growth.

Retrofit LED Filament light Bulbs manufacturer

3. How to deal with it? See LED business eight cents across the sea

When we understand the situation of the industry, the good response plan is actually very clear. To maintain the driving force of the industry, at least two measures can be taken.

First, let the industry life cycle of Jinniu Industrial Lighting be extended as much as possible, so that the recession period will come later. On September 26, Huacan Optoelectronics presented their solution as a LED chip company at a new product launch conference held in Shenzhen. Higher light efficiency and light quality, lower current density lighting LED chips can provide higher added value for downstream products, jumping out of the vicious competition caused by excessive pursuit of lm / $ indicators.

filament LED bulbs supplier china

Secondly, and more importantly, let our question mark industry Mini/Micro LED achieve commercial success as soon as possible, and the industrial scale will grow rapidly. Relay lighting will become the star industry of the LED industry.