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What is the difference between automotive xenon lamps and LED lamps?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-06-25

LED lamps and xenon lamps are very hot topics in recent years, many owners are tangled in xenon lamps and LED lamps which is better, what are the differences between xenon lamps and LED lamps in the following Innotech chat with everyone about xenon lamps and LED lamps !

Xenon lights

Xenon lamp (HID) is a high-pressure gas discharge lamp. Its principle of light emission is to pressurize the 12V voltage to a super high voltage of 23000V, to excite the helium filled in the quartz tube to make it glow, and then to turn the voltage to about 85V. Sustained supply of xenon bulbs, xenon light color is closer to noon white light, and equipped with a lens after the visual effect is better, has been sought after by many consumers, in addition to HID also avoids the general halogen lamp easy to oxidize and brighten more time Long, the darker the light, the wide and long illumination distance. In fact, in addition to such devices on the car, street welding is also the principle. The dazzling white light is radon.

LED headlight

LED lights have a common name: light-emitting diodes. LED lights are lights that use LEDs (light emitting diodes) as light sources. When it comes to LED headlights, everyone naturally thinks of the "professional play lights" of Audi. This car manufacturer, commonly known as the "lamp factory," has always led the trend in the headlights, and Audi is also the manufacturer with the largest number of LED headlights. The LED has the characteristics of high brightness, rich color variety, long life, high energy conversion rate, good security, fast start-up speed, small size and power saving, and the like. The LED is widely used in the automotive field.

Comparison of the effects of Xenon lamps and LED lamps

Which of the two lights is better for use depends on the actual results. From the above figure, the xenon lamp can see two light beams that are obviously produced by the lens polymerization, and the brightness is relatively high, but there is a significant attenuation of brightness from the middle to both sides.

The LED headlights near the light, the xenon lamp is immediately compared, the LED headlamps are brighter, the road is exposed to a wider range, and there is no obvious light source decay phenomenon, the brightness is uniform, can be said near light The effect of LED headlamps with an illumination effect is absolutely superior.

For some suburban areas or at high speeds, the effect of high beam directly affects the safety of driving. From the comparison chart in the above figure, it can be seen that the LED headlight has a wider irradiation width and distance than the xenon lamp, but in terms of penetrating power, the LED is still inferior to the xenon lamp because the xenon lamp has a lens. Spotlighting, so in some fog or road conditions, the actual lighting effect is slightly better than the LED headlights.