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Led indoor lighting has several

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-06-25

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LED ceiling light

Ceiling lamp wattage is 1W to 21W, users can enjoy the choice, the width of light is also adjustable from narrow light to wide light, can be divided into red, yellow, white, blue, green five, according to the strength of the light Can be divided into strong light, soft light, low light.

LED down light

LED downlights are available in 2.5-inch to 8-inch sizes, and wattage is also freely chosen by customers from 4W to 20W. There are also many styles, such as drawing, white oil spraying, polishing, etc. The biggest benefit of using LED downlights is to maintain the original architectural style and create a soft light without damaging the design structure. Can be hidden, through the plastic or glass shape can be more reasonable outside the light shot.

LED light cup

LED lamp cups are more like our traditional lamps, mostly spherical. The spherical shape can enlarge the irradiation area, increase the irradiation source, and at the same time, it is relatively aesthetic in design. The LED lamp cup mainly plays a role in filtering the light and will not filter out the light of people's eyes.

Led indoor lighting maintenance

1, regular cleaning led indoor lighting, so as not to accumulate dust in the lamp, affecting the output efficiency.
2. Regular replacement of old lamps must be replaced before the end of life of LED indoor lighting.
3, ceiling, wall selection of light led indoor lighting fixtures, can increase the reflection of light, improve the effect of light diffusion to save energy.