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The difference between energy-saving lamps and LED lamps Which is better for energy-saving lamps and

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-26

1. Change

The replacement of incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps is called the second revolution in the field of lighting. At the same time, it is also a trend for LED lighting products to replace traditional energy-saving lamps with higher quality performance. It is called the third revolution in the field of lighting.

2. The principle of light-emitting lamps

The two poles of the energy-saving lamp are ordinary tungsten wires. When the tungsten wire is energized and heated, it can emit electrons. A relatively high voltage is applied to both sides of the lamp to form an electric field, and these electrons are accelerated in the lamp tube to form The electron flow of a certain speed and energy. The lamp is vacuumed and filled with mercury, which is what we call mercury.

3, the advantages of energy-saving lamps

Compact and small

Long life, 6~10 times that of incandescent lamps

The inner wall of the tube is coated with a protective film and the triple spiral filament can greatly extend the service life.

High luminous efficiency, saving more than 80%

4, the shortcomings of energy-saving lamps

Mercury contamination

Easy to break, not easy to transport, not easy to install.

Power consumption is large.

Easy to damage, short life, energy saving does not save money

5. What is LED?

The LED is an abbreviation taken from the three words of Light Emitting Diode. The Chinese translation is "light-emitting diode". As the name suggests, a light-emitting diode is a diode that can convert electrical energy into light energy.

6, the advantages of LED lights

Energy saving


Can work at high speed

Solid state package, is a cold light source type

Environmentally friendly, no harmful substances in mercury


7, the total efficiency of the lamps

(History of light source development: incandescent lamp → straight tube type fluorescent lamp → high efficiency electronic energy saving lamp → LED lamp)

8. Comparison of energy saving between ordinary energy-saving lamps and LED energy-saving lamps

Calculate the electricity cost of 10 lamps for household use: (Comparative data basis: 15-20lm/w for ordinary incandescent lamps, 30-60lm/w for ordinary energy-saving lamps, 120-150lm/w for LED energy-saving lamps, this data is only for comparison For reference purposes, the pricing of local markets is slightly different.)