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LED bulb power selection How many watts of light are used in different home spaces

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-27
Bedroom articles

Area 5-10m2 10-15m2 15-20m2 >20m2

LED 13-25W 25-38W 38-50W >50W

Remarks: The light requirements of the bedroom are soft, which is convenient to create a warm atmosphere; there should be no glare to make people more likely to go to sleep, so the required lighting wattage is low.

Kitchen articles

Area 3-5m2 5-10m2 10-15m2

Fluorescent lamp 15-25W 25-50W 50-75W

LED 8-13W 13-25W 25-38W

Remarks: Because people work in the kitchen for different lengths of time, the fine action of cutting vegetables and other lighting requirements is relatively high. It is necessary to ensure that the kitchen does not leave dark areas, but also to reduce the inconvenience and danger during cooking, so it is necessary to choose a light with sufficient brightness.

Balcony articles

Area 3-5m2 5-10m2

Fluorescent lamp 15-25W 25-50W

LED 8-13W 13-25W

Remarks: The size of the balcony is relatively small, but it is also a must-have space for a perfect home life. It is a small place in fine weather, so it is necessary to paint it with the appropriate lighting wattage.

Old man room

Area 5-10m2 10-15m2 15-20m2 >20m2

Fluorescent lamp 50-100W 100-150W 150-200W >200W

LED 25-50W 50-75W 75-100W >100W

Remarks: The old man's vision is weakened and the light he feels is far less than that of young people. Older people need brighter lighting(Plastic with Aluminum LED bulb supplier) to ensure that things are seen clearly, so you need to choose a high wattage of light.

Children's room

Area 5-10m2 10-15m2 15-20m2 >20m2

Fluorescent lamp 25-50W 50-75W 75-100W >100W

LED 13-25W 25-38W 38-50W >50W

Remarks: Children's room needs to choose soft lighting. If the room is too bright, it will stimulate the eyes and affect sleep. Low-light lighting will help children to sleep. Therefore, choose low-wattage lights.