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Join hands with smart city LED to meet huge business opportunities

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-20

In the construction of smart cities and the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things, as an important and indispensable entry point for smart cities, LEDs are increasingly used in all aspects of smart cities. The smart city of the future is not the intelligence of a single node. It is an era of high integration and interoperability between the Internet of Things and the Internet. The compatibility of LEDs has become the primary consideration for people to choose display terminals.

LED lighting faces unprecedented opportunities for development

As a natural carrier for the development of smart cities, LED road lighting is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

Different from the previous “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles”, the smart city LED street lights will no longer be confined to lighting and environmental protection, but also to build a smart city application ecosystem. As the basic node and carrier of smart city construction, LED street lights can connect various sensors for collecting data, and realize smart city network with smart street lights as nodes.

Dr. Zhou Wei, chief technology officer of Huawei, gave a clear overview of the future street lights. He said that the future road lighting will be Internet of Things + LED lighting, and each street light will be integrated through the Internet of Things. The smart city scheme based on streetlights not only controls and maintains street lighting, but turns a city into a smart city, covering sensors and functions through the streetlight carrier to cover the entire city and population, while the coverage is dynamic. of.

For example, we created a street lighting-based lighting Internet of Things, where users can quickly self-organize the network, including a variety of IoT devices and various applications, so that it can not only cover the needs of street lights, but also covers the entire Internet of Things. Demand. In addition, provide unlimited connections on the fast gateway, and put edge computing on the gateway to achieve edge intelligence. On this basis, users can also create a smart platform to place various IoT sensors on the streetlights. The entire architecture allows users to apply street lighting to the Internet of Things.

In addition, the lampposts of the streetlights are of great value. WIFI can be placed to provide wireless coverage. The sensors can be connected directly to the cloud through street lights. Even LED displays can be installed to display city information, and the street lights can be turned into charging poles.

In the future, the road lighting pattern will be based on the urban "Internet" of the streetlight pole WIFI mode, the "Internet of Things" based on the integrated access of the streetlight pole, and the "Internet" based on the optical wireless network model of LED streetlights. The LED streetlights will be incorporated into the smart city network system. Open a city service that is continuously and steadily developing and realize comprehensive utilization of resources.

Smart cities bring more market space for small spaces

Small-pitch LED display, as the terminal of smart city display, there is still a lot of room for development in the future. At the same time, the small-pitch LED industry chain has been fully mature, the east wind has risen and the horn has been blown, and the future of all things connected and the perception of everything is not imagined.

At the moment, user applications are showing an increasingly diverse trend. And LED(china LED fliament light bulb manufacturer and supplier) display applications are gradually deepening into various fields, and their related technologies are constantly maturing. Among them, the advantage of small-pitch LED display is more obvious. In 2017, the small-pitch LED display industry has passed a “bumper year”. Small-pitch LEDs show a shift in the industry from steady growth to “explosive” growth. Under this large pattern, the construction of smart security protection system has more urgent needs for small-pitch technology. Therefore, the industry competition in 2018 is bound to be more intense, and the market challenge is bound to be even greater. Smart city has become a new business enthusiasm, and it has become more and more demanding for the maturity, usability and creativity of LED small-pitch products.

In the context of accelerating the construction of smart cities and smart transportation, when diversified and massive information replaces a single video information to become the basis for decision-making, when the decision based on sufficient information group replaces individual decision based on insufficient information, the dispatch, command and control center becomes The hub of smart city construction is extremely urgent for the visual monitoring of road monitoring and related information. The perfect control room system also brings more market space for small spacing.