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The development of smart lighting takes off and the development of LED lighting technology is fully

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-30

The rise of the Internet of Things has pushed the development of the technology industry to another new level. The intelligent system that collects users, environment and other information through various sensors and performs data analysis and equipment adjustment brings new development opportunities for the traditional LED lighting industry.

After years of low-cost competition and industrial consolidation, the LED lighting industry has gradually matured. In order to get rid of price competition and increase added value, many LED lighting manufacturers have actively deployed "smart", wisdom. Lighting will not only be practiced in industrial use, government-led urban lighting, and commercial use, but will also be integrated and personalized. With people-oriented as the main axis of development, smart lighting has undoubtedly become the most important development trend of LED lighting industry in 2018.

This year, the theme of the biennial important lighting exhibition, Light+Building 2018, also selected the smart lighting of safe and convenient networking as the theme of the exhibition.

First of all, look at the smart lighting market first. With the development of technology, mature products, active promotion of manufacturers, and popularization of concepts related to smart lighting, the global smart lighting market has entered a stage of rapid development. According to LEDinside's estimates, the market size in 2017 is close to 4.6 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate is 95%. The market is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, and by 2020 the global smart lighting scale will reach $13.4 billion.

The mature development of intelligent lighting, in addition to LED component technology, the development of communication technology is a key role that cannot be ignored. The Internet of Things and smart lighting have developed to the present stage. DALI, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa have emerged in the market. , NB-IoT, Sigfox, Z-wave, EnOcean and other communication technologies, what is the current development of these technology camps, we also added relevant chapters in this topic, please see LEDinside: 2017-2020 LED The development of intelligent lighting market and the trend of communication technology change.

After reading the development of technology, in which areas does smart lighting develop fastest? Which markets have the most intelligent lighting development potential? We also bring readers an introduction and analysis of the application market – intelligent lighting application scenarios – industry and commerce are the largest applications, and the residential sector is the fastest growing.

It is undeniable that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency and improving management. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more popular, and will become a new outlet for the development of the lighting industry. In addition, as Apple and Amazon have also entered the smart home market, it will undoubtedly drive the overall market to develop more rapidly. We also specifically explore the business opportunities brought by smart homes for smart lighting. For more information, please see: The demand for smart homes has been upgraded, leading to the accelerated development of smart lighting.

In addition, leading the layout of the lighting industry is also a message you must know. The factors behind the big factory strategy include intelligent lighting and creating an energy-saving living environment, and plans to develop smart lighting as the foundation of the future Internet of Things. How exactly do these big factories are laid out, and which important partners are working together? We have detailed analysis of key manufacturers under the wave of connected lighting and smart city development.
In addition to LED lighting, the competitive relationship between OLED and LED in the past few years is also an important message in the industry. Does OLED have opportunities in the lighting industry, and what is the development of OLED lighting? What impact will its development have on the LED industry? We also bring a special analysis: the opportunities and challenges of the OLED lighting market.

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