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Application of LED

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-03

What is said above is just the surface advantages of LED. However, LED is not just a simple replacement for light bulbs, it can also achieve the ultimate safety. The following small series gives an example, let everyone see what LED headlights can do traditional headlights can not do.

Mercedes-Benz's geometric multi-beam headlamps believe that everyone has heard it more or less. It can quickly and accurately adjust the headlights according to the current road conditions and traffic conditions. The lighting can be turned on exactly at any time by individually controlled LED lights when needed. The 84 LED lights provided in each headlight ensure optimum road illumination, ensuring that the lights can be turned on exactly when needed. With the information provided by the camera located behind the windshield, four control units can calculate the ideal light pattern at a rate of 100 times per second.

Adaptive high beam

For example, when the high beam is turned on, the enhanced version of the adaptive high-beam assistant system will always provide the most appropriate light source. Drivers can concentrate on traffic conditions without having to switch between low beams and high beams. Through a stereo camera located behind the windshield, the system can identify the incoming or forward vehicles that are driving the lights on, and automatically adjust the headlights based on current road conditions and traffic conditions. The LED lights of the high beam module are partially turned off, each forming a U-type dim mode. The high beams will continue to illuminate other areas of the road (partial high beams).

Rural and freeway modes, highway high beam and highway high beams

Compared to traditional low-beam lights, the country road model brightens and effectively illuminates the curb on the side of the vehicle, providing the driver with a better view and making it react more quickly. When the system recognizes that it is driving on a freeway, the light path will change – the driver’s visual distance has increased by approximately 50 meters compared to traditional low-beam lights. If the Adaptive High Beam Assist Plus is turned on and the High Beam is enabled, the system will select the best high beam mode for highway conditions. This reduces the risk of glare to oncoming vehicles while keeping the driver's attention focused on the lane in which they drive. The high beam function of the expressway is activated according to road conditions and traffic conditions, and the special dark light mode is used to avoid dazzling other road users.

Active lighting

Active lighting means that the headlight beam can be turned into a corner to provide better road illumination. When combined with lane assist components, preventative corner detection can be achieved. The active lighting feature illuminates the curve before turning the steering wheel and before bending out again. This can detect danger in advance.

Corner light function and corner light function with roundabout function

The additional LED light source in the headlights improves road lighting during cornering or sharp turns at night. When a specific steering angle is reached, the corresponding side of the corner light automatically turns on. In addition, the corner light function is activated when the reverse direction light is turned on or reversed at a speed of less than 40 km/h. Enable and disable operations to integrate smoothly into the dimming process. As a result, the corner lighting function with a ring crossing function is enabled before entering various roundabouts. In this way, the driver can recognize the potential danger that a pedestrian crossing or riding a bicycle is approaching early.

Enhanced fog lamp function

The enhanced fog lamp function is enabled when the vehicle speed is less than 70 km/h and the rear fog lights are on. This feature allows the driver's side headlights to rotate 8 degrees outward and reduce beam height. This can more effectively illuminate the outer half of the lane while reducing the glare caused by the reflection of light from fog. The enhanced fog lamp function stays on when the vehicle speed does not exceed 100 km/h.

Write last

Many people previously mentioned that LED disapproved because they thought it had the advantages of energy saving, low cost, durability, and other insignificance. However, LEDs can effectively protect your driving safety compared to other light sources. No one can say "don't care". It turns out that it is not unreasonable for the LED to be widely recognized.