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Built-in LED lights, flashing light, or hurting children's eyes

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-04

"I feel that this kind of flash toy is very good-looking, only to buy and play for children, did not think the children always blink after playing for a few days, I think this flash toy may harm the child's eyes." Recently, who lives in the city of the East Mr. Fu of the garden said that he had bought a flash car toy for his daughter in a mall in the city a few days ago. At the beginning, when he turned on the switch, the brilliant flash and dynamic music, the car ran back and forth, and the daughter played. Very happy. However, after two or three days, as long as the daughter sees the flashing car, it will blink hard, which makes Mr. Fu very worried, and has to collect the flash car.

On June 25th, the reporter visited a number of children's toy stores (oem Edison LED bulbs manufacturers)in the city and saw that there are many kinds of flash toys, such as small cars, large strollers and other toys that have flash functions. These flash toys are favored by many parents and children(Economic LED bulbs factory china).

"Flash toy kids like to play, can attract their attention, and some flash toys can also develop children's intelligence." Ms. Zhang is said to buy toys for children.

Do these toys have any effect on the child's eyes? It is understood that most of the toys with flash function are built-in LED lights(Edison LED bulbs suppliers china), which will continue to flash glare when used, especially in the dark environment, the eyes of infants and young children are very irritating, or the eyesight of infants and young children will be harmed.

When parents buy toys for their children, they should use safe and age-appropriate features. It is best not to purchase toys with flash function to avoid the glare of children's eyes.