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"Internet + lighting fixtures" new, the industry competition pattern will be comprehensive

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-14

Today is the era of speculation, and the era of rapid development of technologies such as the Internet. In the field of lighting, the intelligent lighting control system has just been accepted by people, and the intelligent lighting has been fired up. In this "Internet +" era, if the traditional industry can't catch the Internet, it will lag far behind this. era.

Before 2016, many lighting manufacturers have expanded their business, resulting in overcapacity, and prices continue to decline rapidly, causing drastic changes in the lighting industry. Many small enterprises with poor management have reduced production or transformation due to backward technology and other reasons, and a large number of LED companies have withdrawn from the market. However, since 2016, with the steady growth of demand, the relationship between supply and demand in the lighting industry has gradually improved, and in recent days there has been an intensive product price increase. How can the lighting industry avoid such roller coaster development?

As the saying goes, "Hedong in 30 years, Hexi in 30 years." This sentence can also be used to describe the LED lighting industry. With the high penetration of Internet+, the rapid development of technology, the development and update of various handheld devices is dazzling, and people’s attention has gradually shifted from the previous PC to the current mobile, and all walks of life have been overwhelming. The changes, from the annual reports of LED lighting companies, the giants are vying for and laying out the Internet market. This year alone, several Internet platforms for the lighting industry have been officially opened.

But for now, the development of these platforms is not optimistic. Due to the low threshold of the LED lighting industry, companies have to fight for price wars. However, consumers are concerned about price, but also pay attention to performance, quality, reputation and brand. To this end, Zhou Sheng, who has been engaged in the lighting industry for many years, has launched a business platform for exclusive lighting fixtures in China's SME Internet + National Popularization Project. This mall brings together well-known lighting companies and manufacturers in China and integrates them into an industry ecosystem.

With China's accession to the WTO, more and more international companies have entered the Chinese market. Since the production capacity of each LED company is sufficient, the production capacity can no longer beat the opponent. The founder of the lighting procurement mall realizes that technology is the vitality of the enterprise. Only by mastering more core technologies can you beat your opponent from the top of the pyramid. To this end, the lighting lighting procurement mall not only links the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry, strengthens cooperation between enterprises, allows the information exchange of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the lighting industry to be smooth, and integrates high-quality resources to achieve true mutual benefit.

Buyers believe that lighting companies should not focus on price wars, but good quality and good prices, but the most important level of the company is to improve the quality of pre-sales and after-sales services. It doesn't matter if the consumer can't finish his pocket. Enterprises that appeal to the platform should pay attention to these services, especially after-sales service. Only after the company has upgraded from its own to the final after-sales service, can it fight the international market war and stabilize the domestic market.