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Lamps are used to extend the service life

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-15

What are the cleaning and maintenance of lamps:

1.the correct installation is the premise

Proper installation of the luminaire is a prerequisite for extending the life of the luminaire. If it is not installed correctly, the luminaires will easily break down, and sometimes even explode, which is very dangerous. Special care must be taken in the installation of home and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

The lamp of the bathroom shall be equipped with a moisture-proof lampshade, otherwise the service life of the lamp will be greatly shortened; the kitchen lamp should pay special attention to the anti-dust, because the accumulation of grease will affect the illumination of the lamp; and the light-colored lampshade has better transparency, but It is easy to stick to ash, so be diligent to wipe, so as not to affect the penetration of light; and in general, do not let the kitchen and bathroom fixtures be placed in a position where water vapor condensation is easy to avoid bursting.

2.the aging lamp is replaced early

The lamp used for a long time will be red or black at both ends. At this time, it must be replaced in time to prevent unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout. In general, when purchasing a luminaire, the effective time is indicated on the lamp bulb, and regular replacement of the aging lamp bulb is helpful for overall luminaire maintenance.

3. the cleaning method should be correct

After the lamp has been used for a period of time, a thick layer of ash will be deposited on it, which will affect our vision, so we can't avoid regular cleaning. Please pay attention not to change the structure of the lamp during the cleaning process, and do not replace the parts of the lamp. After the cleaning and maintenance is completed, the lamps should be installed as they are, and the lamps and components should not be missed or misplaced.

Generally, the lamp should be wiped with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion. If the lamp is non-metallic, wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation and hinder the lighting effect.

4. frequent switch the most injured lamp

Do not switch frequently when the lamp is in use, because the current through the filament is higher than the current during normal operation, so that the temperature of the filament rises sharply and accelerates sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life. Reduce the switch of the luminaire.

As an important decoration of the family, the lamps are related to the quality of home life. But in general, many people don't care much about the maintenance of the luminaire. Even if the luminaire is broken, it will be considered a quality problem. In fact, there is a certain law when the lamp is used or installed. If it is used according to the law, the service life of the lamp is very long.