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What will the future lamps look like?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-16

Furniture decoration, lighting decoration is essential, in the end which lamps are selected to be durable and popular? Looking at the lighting in the current lighting market, it is not difficult to conclude that energy saving, high-tech, colorful, multi-functional and environmental protection are the current mainstream in the lighting market.

Energy-saving: Energy-saving lighting is very popular among consumers because of its energy-saving effect. For example, the long-life energy-saving lamp adopts 3led core power, and the brightness can be selected according to the demand, which satisfies the different needs of consumers.

High-tech: As electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, the third-generation lighting fixtures that adapt to different voltages and adjustable brightness are gradually increasing. In addition, there are no strobe lights and three wavelengths are adjustable. Lighting fixtures that protect the eyesight, such as lights and radiation far-infrared red lights, have also entered the market.

Colorful: Entering the lighting market is like being in a colorful world. The current lighting colors are various in style, with various shapes such as maple leaf shape, as well as red, natural blue, coral yellow, water grass green and other colors.

Multi-functional: Today's lamps are not just as simple as lighting. They are often accompanied by other functions, such as music box lamps, and a bedside lamp that doubles as a light-sensitive telephone self-control lamp. It is placed on the bedside and has a phone call at night or needs to be dialed. When the phone is out, the light will automatically light up. After the call is over, the light will remain off for a while, and the day will not light up. This versatile and integrated luminaire greatly meets the needs of consumers.

Environmental protection: Environmental protection is a new topic in the lighting industry. It is the improvement of people's requirements for the home environment. This is also the long-term goal of home lighting in the future. Now there are many environmentally friendly lamps on the market, such as the use of pure natural biological enzymes. The toxic stylized lighting is an environmentally friendly lighting.

Technology is progressing, the times are developing, and people's needs are constantly changing. In the future, the lighting market will continue to develop on this basis, and continue along the three main lines: the three main lines are: practical, technology and decoration.

All products are born out of human needs, and no matter what the product ultimately develops, it can't be separated from the original intention. Lighting is also the same. No matter how the times change, practicality is the most important. New materials, new processes, and new technologies are constantly emerging, allowing lamps to transform from a lighting product to a high-tech product that demonstrates the identity of the owner. Even if it is more expensive and has a poorer shape, it will be used because of its noble materials and mysterious technology. Intentionally or unintentionally ignore, this is the power of technology.

On the basis of the basic function of lighting, the luminaire should also pay attention to its other identity - home decorations, like a beautiful, decent clothes will give a person's image as a point, a shape eye-catching, beautifully crafted The lamps will also enhance the quality of life in people's homes. Therefore, the work of lighting in decoration is also a major trend in the future.