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How to choose lighting fixtures

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-17

Lighting fixtures are indispensable in our lives. A luminaire determines the atmosphere and mood of the whole home. Therefore, the choice of lighting fixtures is still very important. The lamps selected in different spaces are different, so how to choose lighting fixtures Here? Let's take a look at how to choose lighting fixtures and related knowledge.

Living room lighting

The choice of living room lamps is quite wide, and can be selected according to different styles and sizes. If the space is relatively small, then one main light can be selected, and a large space can adopt a variety of lamps to jointly create an atmosphere.

2. Bedroom lamps

The bedroom is the place for us to rest, so the choice of lighting should be softer, and the soft lighting can make the owner relax in the space without natural pressure. The lighting of the bedroom is best based on warm, warm yellow.

3. Restaurant lighting

The choice of restaurant lighting can be determined according to the shape of the dining table. If it is a square dining table, it is more suitable to install the appropriate height of the chandelier, and should be equipped with a lampshade. If the dining table is round, then a long chandelier can be designed on top, and a concealed downlight can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light source. If you are more interested in the atmosphere of the meal, you can choose a wall lamp with adjustable brightness as a restaurant light.

4. Kitchen lamps

The kitchen is a place to cook, try not to dress it too fancy, it is best to choose the cabinet with its own lamps. From the perspective of energy saving, do not place too many lamps. Ceiling lights are generally not used because they do not collect light, only astigmatism, so it is not suitable for installation in the kitchen.

5. Study room lighting

The study is an important place for work and study. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient reasonable reading illumination in the selection of lamps. For those who often write at the desk, it is best to have a desk lamp as a local lighting desk lamp on the desk, which is both professional and space-oriented.

6. Bathroom lamps

The lamps in the bathroom need to be divided into areas. It is necessary to consider the shower area and the dressing. The lamps used in different areas are different. It is best to use natural light for dressing. The best makeup place is under natural light. On the contrary, in the interior of the backlight, or the room with insufficient light and only fluorescent light, the dullness of the skin will be particularly noticeable, and the base makeup will be coated with a thick layer.

7. Children's room lighting

In the children's room lighting market, there are many designs that will be designed in many styles. This style has been loved by many children, but the children are staring at the lights for a long time. It is easy to cause adverse effects on the child's vision development. In fact, the children's eyes are developing. Therefore, the lighting of the children's room should be adjustable, so that the warm light can be adjusted softly. 8. Old room lighting

The lamps in the elderly room can choose lamps with clear illumination, because the eyesight of the elderly will decrease with age, so you need to reduce the dark side of the room, so you can have better visibility when you are in action.