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general lighting market: profit declines and trade wars

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-10-09

In the general lighting market, profit declines and trade wars, how do global manufacturers respond?

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In recent years, LED lighting manufacturers have faced a decline in the profit of the lighting market. This year's Sino-US trade warfare has also caused the operating pressure of lighting manufacturers to surge.

Lighting product prices continue to decline, global manufacturers are planning to reduce the proportion of related business revenue

In the face of Sino-US trade warfare, LED lighting products produced in China are almost completely subject to tariffs. However, China's lighting products still maintain their price competitiveness, and manufacturers are less likely to move their LED lighting production lines out of China. The probability that the final manufacturer will pass on the increased costs to consumers in the US is relatively high.

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In addition, the Sino-US trade war has also led to dramatic changes in exchange rates in emerging markets including Russia, Turkey, Central and South America, etc. Manufacturers are also facing pressures from rising exchange rates and tariffs, which have recently led to price adjustments. In response to this negative impact.

Including GE's Current and LEDVANCE have announced an increase in product prices, of which Current said that due to the severe inflation pressure from electronic components, standards, transportation, metal parts, etc., Current has increased its LED products for sale. The price is 6%; LEDVANCE has also announced the increase in the price of its products due to the pressure of inflation and the impact of the tariff increase list on the first stage of the Sino-US trade war.

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LEDinside believes that LED lighting manufacturers have announced that they will impact consumer demand after the price adjustment, and the subsequent impact will be more extensive, and still need to continue to observe.