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energy-saving lamps in the end how to convert wattage

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-10-30

Vintage LED filament bulbs manufacturer

LED lights and incandescent lights ~ energy-saving lamps in the end how to convert wattage

1. The replacement of LED lights and incandescent lamps is not simply measured by the number of W. For example, the same 10W LED lights, some are 800 lumens, and some are more than 900 lumens. This is to understand the concept of "light effect", that is, how much lumens per luminescence.

Vintage LED Filament Bulbs supplier

2. If the luminous flux of a 40W incandescent lamp is 400 lumens, then the LED light efficiency of 80 lumens per watt, then the LED should be 400/80 = 5W.

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