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How to choose the right LED (wattage and lumens)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-10-30
For most people who used incandescent lamps in the past, they chose to buy incandescent lamps based on their power (wattage). However, with the widespread use of LED lamps, the introduction of brightness (lumens), wattage and lumens are different concepts, are different technical parameters, and these two parameters are difficult for many people to determine, how to These two parameters choose to buy the correct LED light.

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Usually buy incandescent lamps, the average consumer thinks: the greater the power (watt value), the brighter the incandescent lamp. However, now buying LED lights, you should change its old concept. In fact, its 60-watt incandescent lamp and its 60-watt LED lamp are completely different and cannot be regarded as equivalent. The 60-watt LED lamp is correct. The human eye can cause a lot of damage.

Usually, LED lights are very small power (watt value), that is, the energy consumption is very small, it has a high brightness, so you should not choose to buy LED lights only based on power.

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The outer packaging of LED lamps on the market should be marked with brightness (lumen value), which is an important parameter for measuring LED lamps. A table is listed below for your reference:

Luminance value (lumen lm) incandescent lamp (Watt W) LED lamp (Watt W) 2600 150 25-28
1600 100 16-20
1100 75 9-13
800 60 8-12
450 40 6-9

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From the above table, we can see that we should change the concept of buying incandescent lamps in the past and correctly choose to buy the current LED lights. For example, in the past, we purchased 60-watt incandescent lamps. Now you only need to buy 6-9 watts of LED lights. Can achieve the same brightness as previous incandescent lamps.