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"Zhaomushan" Star tunnel opened to traffic, more than 13,000 LED lights make up the starry

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-11
It was learned a few days ago that the Starlight Tunnel through the Forest Forest Park in Zhaomushan was officially opened to traffic at 24 o'clock on March 31 in Chongqing.After that,it will take only 5 minutes to drive from Shinomsan through the tunnel to the new archway.

According to reports, the tunnel is the newest urban tunnel from the core area of ​​Chongqing's main city. It is a split-type double-hole tunnel. The left hole is 685 meters long and the right line is 674 meters long. The standard section of the building has a net width of 14 meters, a net height of 5 meters, a one-way three-lane, and a design speed of 50 kilometers/hour.

Prior to this, people living and working in the Zhaomushan area had to go to the new archway, and they had to take the Jinkai Avenue and the people and the interchange. This would cause traffic congestion. In addition to the traffic lights on the road, it usually takes 20 minutes or even longer. Can pass. After the opening of the Star Tunnel, it takes only 5 minutes to drive in both places.

The reporter learned that the Zhaomu Xingguang Tunnel is an important part of the North Line of the Avenue of Stars. After the opening of the Xingguang Tunnel, most of the north line of the Avenue of Stars will be connected. The north line of Avenue of Stars will link Dazhulin, Zhaomushan, Fortune Center, Xinpaifang and even Lijia. In the future, traffic in these large areas will be more smooth.

“Through the entire extension of the Avenue of Stars project along the North Line, Jinzhou Avenue and Jinkai Avenue at both ends of the Mother Mountain have become only one step away. Vehicles in four directions, Renhe, Xingfu Square, Dazhulin, and Lijia, are Crossing and under-wearing at the cross of the 'Ten' can get a good diversion," the person in charge said.

In addition to the great convenience to the public, the unique "Starlight" design at the top of the tunnel is a major highlight. The "Starlight" consisting of more than 13,000 Retrofit GLS A19 A60 LED lamps beads creates a "night sky" at the top of the tunnel, echoing the name of the "Star Tunnel".

Relevant person in charge told the reporter that the light of these Economic LED Filament light is adjusted very weakly, not only saves electricity and has a long service life, but also does not produce glare and affects normal driving.

In addition, tunnel lighting will also use "smart lighting control", according to changes in traffic volume and brightness changes outside the light to select the dimming program, will be environmentally friendly, energy saving and natural integration.