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Why do we recommend that we have a toilet light when we sleep?

Living in a modern society has become a common occurrence. Whether you are traveling or traveling, you are unfamiliar with your life. It is inevitable that you will live in a hotel, and the price of the hotel is high and low. High-star hotels, low There are express hotels, even lower ones and even guest houses. Different hotels naturally have different services, but Xiaobian often hears people say that when you sleep in the hotel, you must drive the toilet lights! Why is this? The hotel manager revealed the truth!

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First of all, the hotel situation is definitely better than the hotel, but after all, it is a person, there are some aspects still have to pay attention. Secondly, sleep in the hotel, especially in the guest room area, because the floor is covered with carpet, the sound insulation of the door and wall is better, so sleeping in the hotel will not be disturbed by noise.
The soft light shines through the dark-painted room, which will make the girl put down the vigilant heart, and it is easier to have a comfortable sleep and a good rest, which is very helpful for the next day's trip and work. The last point is to open the bathroom lights to avoid the hotel in the event of an emergency, you can use these low light to pack your luggage and escape quickly, not to get confused. You can also use these lights to see the road ahead and let yourself escape smoothly.

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There is also a situation in which many people will get up to the toilet at night. After a while, the mental state of the person is very confused and cannot accurately judge things. If you turn off the toilet or all the lights, you still need to find the switch. However, because of your unfamiliarity with the hotel, you can't find the switch in the first place. In such a dark environment, when you are not awake, your nerves will be nervous and you will be afraid of what should not appear in front of you. thing. As a result, there have been some troubles. It is better to leave a lamp for the toilet before going to sleep.

Of course, if a boy lives alone in a hotel, you may not need to worry about other security issues. Another situation is that some girls can't turn off the lights of the toilet when they live alone. There are some girls who are very courageous, and the hotel is a new and unfamiliar environment for them. They will be afraid if they hear anything. Keeping the lights in the toilet will also give them some sense of security. The lights in the toilet are far from the bed and will not affect sleep.

In the hotel, the lights inside it are warm colors, more suitable for sleeping, will not affect your sleep quality problems. Then if you turn off all the lights, the whole room is dark, and there will inevitably be fearful emotions. And this is living outside, not familiar with many of the environments here. After suddenly waking up at night, the black light sizzling, and you can’t see it clearly and you will be scared. The lights in the toilet are far away, or it is better to leave only one light in the toilet.

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In addition to these reasons, there is still a large number of girls who are courageous, especially when girls are staying outside. A strange house will feel insecure, and it will be very anxious to wake up in the middle of the night if you have a nightmare, so if you leave a light in the toilet, the room will not become very dark, psychologically creating a safety. Feeling is more helpful for sleep. But there are also some people who like to turn on the lights when they sleep. Do you have a habit of leaving a lamp outside the hotel?

I have a bad habit. Every time I sleep in a hotel, my mind will be confused. For example: What about female ghosts in horror movies? How to put my shoes, a pair of shoes placed too neat will have something ghost. When I take a shower, I will also think that this faucet will not spit out red blood! I feel like a person who lacks security! I don't know if you are like me, will you think about it?