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Children should sleep at night, should they open a "night light"?

For many treasure moms, the biggest worry is that the baby is shocked, and we all know that people don't like the night, so many treasure moms will buy a night light to put on the bed, in case something happens in the middle of the night. I can clearly see the surroundings, but some people say that sleeping on a small night light is not good for the baby. When the baby is sleeping at night, should the night light be turned on? Listen to what the pediatric experts say.

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First of all, let's first understand why the night light is turned on? When I was a baby, I wouldn’t sleep well all night. I often have night milk or waking up. Opening a night light can make adults get up faster and get rid of children. And some babies have fear of the night, no sense of security, opening the night light can also make the baby fall asleep faster. But we all know that sleep in a dark environment will give the eyes a full rest. Experiments have shown that under a weak light source, we can feel it even with our eyes closed. I often turn on the lights and sleep, my eyes won't get a good rest, and my baby's chance of getting myopia will increase. Light may irritate their eyes through the child's eyelids, so the pupil and brain may not get a real rest. In addition, many people worry that driving a night light may affect the secretion of melatonin, which affects the quality of sleep. Studies have shown that this kind of worry is not unreasonable.

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Secondly, for the mother, can you sleep better with a night light mom? Of course, the baby is a little bigger, such as breaking the night milk, can sleep all night, or the baby sleeps for a long time at night, the number of times at night is less, you can slowly get used to turning off the lights to sleep, which helps the baby to develop good sleep habits! It is recommended to use a night light, a night light or a small ground light that can adjust the brightness of the light. If the light is not very bright, it can still be turned on.

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This is convenient for the night, or for the child to look at the milk in the middle of the night. Personal advice, if you want to open, put it on the ground close to a certain corner of the bed, and it is best to use warm soft light, dim light, when the child sleeps, turn on the night light, let the child slowly adapt, tell him the day What is black, no lights are not terrible, and my family should not use the dark to scare children. When he fell asleep, turn off the night light. A little bit let the children understand that there are days and nights, both to learn to enjoy the daytime bright, but also to get used to the darkness of the night, these are the charm of nature.