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Suggestions on the choice of household indoor lighting

2018-11-30 16:06:27
There are many factors that affect the purchase of indoor lamps. The advantages and disadvantages of lamps are discussed from the perspective of light. The personal preferences, decoration style, lamp shape and sanitary maintenance are not discussed.

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For white light, some colors look faint, while others are cooler. One of the most important factors in making this color difference is the color temperature of the light.
The color temperature values ​​of the lamps are generally marked on the surface or on the outer packaging, such as 2200K, 2700K, 4200K, 6500K, etc. It may be a fixed value or a range (colorable temperature lamp), where the letter K is the unit of color temperature and the previous value is the corresponding Kelvin temperature value.

At sunrise, the color temperature of the candle is about 2000K; the color temperature of the tungsten lamp (incandescent lamp) is about 2700K, the color temperature of the common fluorescent lamp is about 4000K; the color temperature of the sun at noon is about 5500K, and the color temperature of the cold fluorescent lamp is about 6500K. The color temperature will be warmer and warmer, while the high color temperature will be colder;
In different scenes such as bedroom, living room, study, etc., you can use different color temperature lighting to illuminate. Now in the LED lamp market, there are basically a variety of color temperature lamps to choose from. Some of the lamps that can be toned can also be arbitrarily adjusted in a certain color temperature range.

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Another important indicator of light is easily overlooked, the color rendering index (CRI) of the light.
A color rendering index of a light is the degree to which the color of the object appears to be realistic. The color rendering index of a light is a value obtained by comparison with a standard light source (sunlight). For example, if the same thing is illuminated under a certain kind of light, if the color presented is exactly the same as that under the sunlight, then the color rendering index of the light is 100; if it is different from the color under the sunlight, according to the degree of deviation The color rendering index will be less than 100.

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Incandescent lamps have a higher color rendering index and can reach 97 or so; fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps can generally reach 80 or more; LED lamps have a color rendering index between 70 and 95. In general, the lamp will be marked with a color rendering index value on the lamp body or package.

The higher the color rendering index of the light, the higher the degree of color reduction, and the more the illuminated object will reveal the original color, which is the higher the degree of fidelity. As shown in the figure below, under the illumination with low color rendering index, the color of the fruit does not look bright enough and has color distortion.
Under the illumination of high color rendering index, the human eye will look more comfortable, the color distortion is small, and the color will be more vivid.
The color rendering index of indoor lighting is better at 90 or above, and the minimum is at least 80, which is also a protection for the human eye.

Another indicator of the choice of lighting is the luminous flux of the lamp (which is usually the brightness).
Use bulbs of different brightness depending on the environment. In the era of incandescent lamps, power is often used to distinguish brightness. A 60-watt lamp is brighter than a 40-watt lamp. LED lamps usually have a small power of a few watts or a dozen watts, but the brightness can be 60 or 100 watts with incandescent lamps. same.
The most standard definition of brightness should be the luminous flux of the lamp, which is expressed in lm (lumen). In general, the number of lumens is marked on the package or on the outer casing. The higher the value, the brighter it is.

For some of the lights on the market that can adjust the brightness of the lights, there is one thing worth noting when purchasing, that is, whether there is strobe.
The check method is to open the camera of the mobile phone, take a picture or take a video mode, close to the light and then focus on the light. If there are black and white scrolling stripes in the phone, it means the light is strobed.
The reason why this kind of flashing occurs is because these lights are adjusted by the fast switching lights. The time for turning on the lights is long, the time for turning off the lights is short, and the brightness is increased; otherwise, the brightness is lowered; The speed is too fast, the time is short, the human eye is hard to detect, but the mobile phone camera can capture it.
Although there is no clear research showing that stroboscopic is harmful to the human eye, it is better to use a lamp that is used at a close distance, such as a desk lamp on a desk, without stroboscopic.

From the light point of view, the color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, and stroboscopic light of the lamp are discussed. I hope that it will help you when you purchase the lamp.