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There are many problems in the offline lighting market, with a failure rate of 75%

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-27
At the March 15th Consumer Rights Practice Publicity Meeting held by the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the results of the first batch of quality inspections on the online and offline integrated merchandise products were released. The sampling inspection was made of five types of decoration materials such as switches, sockets, miniature circuit breakers, wire and cable, and LED lamps(oem  LED bulbs supplier china). Sampling tests are conducted on the safety indicators and major performance indicators that consumers are concerned about. The test results showed that the overall unqualified product detection rate was 28.2%.

After testing, 59 batches of unqualified products were found in 209 batches of products, and the overall unqualified product detection rate was 28.2%. Among them, the switch sampling 40 batches, 13 batches of unqualified; socket sampling 60 batches, unqualified 8 batches; small circuit breaker sampling 36 batches, unqualified 12 batches; wire and cable sampling 33 batches, unqualified 9 Batch; LED lighting spot checks 40 batches, failed 17 batches.
From the results of the data, the three categories of switches, sockets and miniature circuit breakers, the quality of the online and offline consistent.

However, under the wire and cable, the unqualified detection rate was below 10%, and the unqualified detection rate was 35%; the LED lamps(60w Equivalent LED bulbs energy saving) and lanterns had an unqualified detection rate of 10%, and the unqualified detection rate was 75%. It is worth noting that the quality of LED lamps sold in the offline lighting market is not optimistic.

The sampling inspection was mainly based on national mandatory and product-expressed product standards, especially for the consumer-oriented safety indicators and major performance indicators.

Among them, there are 10 types of products such as switches and sockets. There are 10 products that fail the “heat-resisting” index and account for 47.6% of the products that are unqualified; 8 wires and cables, “conductor resistance” items are unqualified, accounting for such products. 89% of unqualified; small circuit breakers, "short-circuit capacity" project has 11 unqualified, accounting for 89% of such products failed.

In addition, a special inspection was also conducted on the blue light and stroboscopic problems of LED lamps(LED Panel lights Dimmable) that are generally concerned by consumers. All products tested were qualified.

For the unqualified products found in this sampling inspection, Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau has issued a post-processing document, ordered the relevant operators and third-party e-commerce platforms to immediately stop the sale; for the return of consumers, the operator is required to be responsible for the return.

For the illegal acts of selling unqualified products, the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce uniformly transferred case clues to the place where the business operators are located or the industrial and commercial market supervision department where the network platform is located for investigation.