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The future of semiconductor lighting is bright

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-26
According to insiders, home lighting, LED lamp cost-effective and energy-saving environmental protection effect has been fully reflected.

There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the LED light(vintage LED bulbs for home) spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, little glare, and no mercury. The waste can be recycled without pollution. Energy-saving lamps contain mercury. According to public information, an average energy-saving lamp has an average mercury content of about 0.5 milligrams. If it is improperly handled, it may pollute the water and the surrounding soil. Due to the incompleteness of the waste recycling system, many residents directly discarded energy-saving lamps into the trash can, polluting the environment. At present, waste-containing energy-saving lamps containing mercury have been listed in the National List of Hazardous Wastes. Compared to energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have better environmental benefits. It is because of its characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving, durability, and low carbon environmental protection that are superior to other lighting products. LED lamps are generally considered to be the future development direction of the lighting industry.
LED lamps belong to the semiconductor light, because it is a cold light source, light and incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps are different. Xu Haohua, head of the Jinhua Street Light Management Office, said that as a new generation of light sources for upgrading, LED lights(LED bulbs energy saving china ) are still in the proper trial phase in the use of street lights in urban areas. Urban street lights are currently dominated by high-pressure sodium lamps, supplemented by LED lights. According to reports, in the urban area in 2006, LED lights have been used as street lights in the Houchengli Road. From the point of use, there are still problems such as high failure rate and low luminous efficiency. Afterwards, the newly-reconstructed Yingzhou Street and Haitang Road also use LED lights as street lights. In January of this year, the 9-km main line of Tangyu Highway also used solar LED lights as street lights. However, from the perspective of overall usage, the proportion of LED street lamps is still relatively small. small.

Xu Haohua said that the reason why urban streetlights do not use LED lights(Opal Plastic LED light bulbs) in large areas is an important reason that Moore's law of electronic products cannot be violated. According to Moore's Law, electronic products will be a technical revolution cycle about every 18-24 months, at which time product performance will be doubled and prices will be halved. Therefore, from the cost point of view, the current urban street lights do not have to worry about launching LED lights.

In Xu Haohua's view, with breakthroughs in key technologies and further technological advances, LED lamps will maintain market advantages, and the future of semiconductor lighting industry will be bright. In the future, urban street lamps may use LED lamps.