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The low-end LED lamp is still less energy efficient than the energy-saving lamp

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-13
* Heat dissipation problem, if the heat dissipation is not good, the life will be greatly shortened.

* The low-end LED lamp is still less energy efficient than the energy-saving lamp (cold cathode tube, CCFL).

* The initial purchase cost is higher.

* Due to the strong directionality of the LED light source, the luminaire design needs to consider the special optical characteristics of the LED.

The following is a comparison of neon lights and LED lights, adding the latest LED technology to compare, not the information that everyone saw in the network before.

1. Does the LED light source have a lifetime of 100,000 hours?

According to the light decay of 7%, the actual only about 50,000 hours. According to the light decay of 3%, the actual application can reach 80,000 hours.

2. Does the LED not heat up?
Yes, need to dissipate heat.

3. Can LEDs replace incandescent lamps?
Luminous flux, light efficiency and color rendering can be, but too expensive and will not decline in recent years. However, the cost of replacing incandescent lamps can be reduced by increasing the luminous flux of the product.

4. Can the LED be used simply as an ordinary light source?
No, to drive the power, optical LED lights and heat conduction.

5. Comparison of performance and advantages of two light sources
The advantages of neon have been covered by LEDs, but the price of LEDs is too high.

6. Comparison of power sources for two light sources
LED low voltage is good, but the current is too large. Large particle 1 watt LED single lamp input current is 350mA.

7. Comparison of control techniques for two light sources
LEDs are easy to implement, but neon lights are ripe.

8. Comparison of the stability of the two light sources
The LEDs are inconsistent and the neon lights are quite stable. A few producers can be relatively stable, such as combining CREE with AOD chips to take advantage of their respective chips.

9. Comparison of the prices of the two light sources
LEDs are more expensive, but yellow and red are quite equal. The main expensive is LED white light.
LED lights can be completely waterproof and dustproof.

11. Comparison of two light (GU10 LED Spotlight manufacturer china)source markets
The annual output value of global lighting products is 42 billion US dollars (China's 15 billion US dollars) LED light source is less than 1%.