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What are the differences between the 20 LED lamps on the market and the 200 LED lamps?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-16

LED lights(Large LED bulbs supplier china) gradually entered thousands of households, but when you buy LED lights, everyone will see why there are more than 20 lights that seem to be similar, and some more than 200? What are the differences between them? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Difference 1: brand disagreement

Different brands of LED lamps, there is a big gap in quality, small workshops can also be done, large workshops can also do, different materials are not the same process, even if there is no difference in appearance, the internal difference is still Very big, there is a big difference in the cost.

Difference 2: Channels are not in line

The channel is different, the price must be different, the lighting store, the rent of electricity, the cost of transportation and even the transportation and transportation costs are counted, and it will sell high prices. The online can be directly shipped directly from the factory, eliminating many central links. The cost can be well controlled, and the price will be much worse. There are also some group buying meetings, businesses directly participate, to get the lowest discount, the price is also very high.

The difference is three: LED function is not compatible

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(1) Brightness

The brightness of the LEDs is different and the price is different. The brightness of the LED lamp is expressed in lumens. The higher the lumen number, the brighter the lamp and the more expensive the price.

(2) Antistatic ability

LEDs with strong antistatic properties have a long life and are therefore expensive. LEDs with an antistatic greater than 700V are usually used for LED lighting.

(3) Wavelength

LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color. If the color is the same, the price is high. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrophotometers to produce pure color products.

(4) Leakage current

The LED is a single-point point illuminator. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. LEDs with large leakage current have short life and low price, and the price is high.

(5) Angle of illumination

LEDs with different uses have different illumination angles. The special lighting angle is higher. Such as full diffusing angle, full light distribution, 360 ° lighting, etc., the price is higher.

(6) Life expectancy

Different quality looks at life, and life is determined by light decay. Low light decay, long life, long life and high price. The general life of LED lamps is higher than that of traditional lamps.

(7) LED chip

LED illuminators are chips, different chips, and the price varies greatly. The chips in Japan and the United States are more expensive, and the price of LED chips from Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers is lower than that of Japan and the United States. Most of the price of LED lights is concentrated on the chip, and the chip is equivalent to the heart of LED lamps.

(8) chip power

The price of a single chip is different. The quality of a high-power chip LED is better than that of a small chip. The higher the price, the higher the price. However, the integrated type cannot be similar, and the integrated type is composed of a plurality of chips of 1W or less, and the contrast is not as long as a single one.

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(9) Colloid

The general LED colloid is generally epoxy resin, and the LED with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant is more expensive. The high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be resistant to ultraviolet rays and fire. Good colloids are very safe in daily use, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of sudden events such as short circuits and the use of influence.