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Star hotel lighting design method

For star hotels, lighting design is the most intuitive display of its brand and grade. The hotel lighting construction is very professional, this article from the perspective of the author of many years of hotel lighting practitioners, to take you to understand the star hotel lighting design of the heart.

In addition, no matter what level of hotel, the main lighting - LED downlights represented by the use of lamps is bound to be a long-term investment, reliability, life factors, etc. are also factors to consider, because of the maintenance of LED downlights The impact of the customer is of course required to be minimized and is understood in detail here.

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Hotel lighting requires a professional team

Hotel lighting construction is very professional, and should "find professional people to do professional things." From the aspects of lighting creativity, deepening design, lighting selection, product supply, intelligent light control, construction scheme, effect debugging, etc., we provide integrated lighting solutions. At the same time, we will work closely with other teams and owners of the hotel to implement the first-line ideas in real time.

Overall coordination of lighting and decoration
The deployment of hotel lighting must be compatible with the decorating environment, and the lack of uniform lighting design will become scattered. Therefore, if the lighting design does not have a strong uniformity, it will not be able to present a good picture. Therefore, the overall coordination and unity is also very crucial.

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Hotel lighting design needs to be considered - the lighting selection dimension
As part of the specific lighting design, the hotel lighting design is a combination of functional and practical hard standards and soft standards that emphasize service and atmosphere. The selection of lamps represented by LED downlights should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, flexibility
The number of luminaires in star-rated hotels is over 10,000. In a specific year, when the light source is replaced regularly, it is bound to involve a huge amount of human resources, so the flexibility of luminaire deployment is another consideration. The most ideal luminaire selection is to load and unload the light source without the need to pull the fixture's fixed (positioning) components to protect the interior as much as possible.

2, time, reliability
Usually, the star hotel has a small renovation service in about 3 years and a large renovation in 6 years. This means that the quality, construction, and reliability of the fixtures are critical to the selection of fixtures, including reflectors, heat sinks, and fixed (positioning) components.

3, light quality situation
LED downlights selected by star hotels must ensure that light quality is ideal. Spot conditions, color rendering index, color temperature, glare, etc. are all reflections of the light quality of the lamps.

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This is closely related to the correct selection of the luminaire. The hotel's main lighting LED downlights are beautifully constructed, the surface is treated with a lacquer finish, and the texture is smooth. The embedded design allows it to fit the environment. The powerful heat dissipation and high-quality external power supply ensure the luminaire. Reliability and "longevity"; using CREE quality chip, high luminous efficiency, scientific secondary light distribution and perfect reflector design, while ensuring anti-glare, the spot is very beautiful.