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Hangzhou, China began to promote large-scale LED green lighting source

It is reported that after nearly eight months of hard work, the 60 roads in Hangzhou have been completed on September 28, with a total length of more than 75 kilometers and a total of more than 5,300 street lamps.

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Since this year, Hangzhou has begun to promote LED green lighting sources in large areas. “Lighting electricity accounts for more than 15% of the total electricity consumption in the whole society. Replacing the current sodium lamps with LED light sources is one of the more effective means of saving electricity at this stage.” According to the person in charge of the lamp center, before the end of next year, Hangzhou City will have 56,000 high-pressure sodium lamps exiting the historical stage and gradually updated to a new type of LED street lamps.

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Among them, before November of this year, it will be the first to complete the transformation of 10,000 LED lights, and the transformation area involves elevated, scenic spots and important commercial areas.

According to estimates, after the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual electricity cost will be nearly 40 million yuan, the carbon dioxide emission will be reduced by 41,000 tons, and the sulfur dioxide emissions will be 123.3 tons.

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The energy-saving renovation of street lamps not only realizes the improvement of road lighting environment and energy-saving emission reduction purposes in Hangzhou, but also has a significant significance for establishing a new image of low-carbon cities and improving the city's new taste.