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Comfortable nights, soft lighting to bring you the warmth of the family

From tungsten filament lamps to incandescent lamps, household bulbs are mostly single. The development of science and technology has brought new reforms and innovations to light bulbs, combining light bulbs with smart technology to add some fun. In the modern light bulb brand, the name of the caller is very high. Many people are wondering: What are its attractions? Light bulbs match the scene. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the bulb as you like, which is not the characteristics of ordinary bulbs. In an instant, the night turned into daytime, spanning 10LM to 800LM. The color temperature value ranges from 2700K to 6500K, just like the rising sun from the sea level and the sun at noon. Dark and cold are controlled by you, free to do whatever you want.

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The decoration style is better matched with the scene light bulb. Elegant and elegant European style, choose bright lighting, so that every detail is worth tasting. The minimalist and comfortable Japanese style, mysterious and glamorous retro style make everything refreshing with warm yellow tones, with bright lights and more petty bourgeoisie. No matter what kind of decoration style you are, the lighting is designed by you. Four simulation environments, switching freely, to restore daily lighting needs. There is a guest at home, and when the atmosphere is low, bright lights can add to the atmosphere. Reading and reading, the soft lighting is more matched with the book. Sleeping and sleeping, warm lighting is the best choice. The dim light doesn't bother sleep, it's also convenient for the night.

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Bright space. The cloudy room is always low and the mood is depressed. Choose the bright mode, the brightness and color temperature are no worse than the sunny day, and the room and mood are no more cloudy. Voice control, a variety of ways to play. Remote control by mobile phone APP, lighting scene one-button switch, you can also combine switches, convenient and fast. Set the time you want to turn on the light, and you can delay it at regular intervals. Good material selection, long life, safety certificate and high safety performance.

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It adds a warmth to your home and creates a comfortable learning environment for your child. Since it has become a must for life, why not choose a better family?