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Nine amazing things that you didn't know about LED bulbs? Part 01

  • Author:Haddi Browne
  • Source:www.which.co.uk
  • Release on:2018-12-17
LED light bulbs have come a long way in the last five years, but they are nit just useful as energy-effcient replacements for your old light bulbs. Scientists are finding increasingly inventive ways to use them to brighten our everyday lives. We are rounded up some of the most interesting reserch to illuminate you as the clocks roll back for winter.

Early LED bulbs were expansive, bulky, did not give outa great deal of bright, consistent light. But, thanks to improved efficiency and filament LED technology, today”s bulbs look just like the old ones and give out good-quality light.
What is more, prices have dropped significantly, so you can pick up a best buy 100W replacement LED bulbs for less that $10, and it will be cheaper to run and last 10 times as long as older bulbs technologies, too.

Read on below to find nine amazing things you did not know about LED light bulbs. Today let us learn about five amazing things first.

1. LED lights work better when its colder.

LED bulbs for home

Handily, as we head into the winter months, LEDs are a better choice for areas with colder temperatures, such as garages. Older compact fluorescent (CFL) stick-style light bulbs struggle in colder temperatures, and can take several minutes to reach full brightness.

2. LED light bulbs can affect your sleep and concentration levels.

energy saving LED bulbs for home

Research has found that lighting that is as close as possible to natural sunlight can make you more alert and less sleepy during the day.
Being under cool, bluer-hued lighting boosts alertness and reduces drowsiness in ways that are bad if you’re trying to sleep, but good during waking hours.
Using the same LED bulb, you can tune the colour of light to match natural circadian rhythms, opting for a warmer, yellower light in the evening, and brighter, whiter light during the day.

3. Blue LED lights can help food to stay fresh for longer.

Refrigerator lighting supplier china

Blue LEDs have huge bacteria-killing potential. They’re increasingly being used inside fridges to help keep food fresh because they have a strong antibacterial effect, especially in cool temperatures. There’s even talk of blue light one day replacing the chemical preservatives added to food.

4. LEDs can be used to disinfect hospitals.

China LED light bulbs for hospital

LEDs tuned to a specific part of the ultraviolet spectrum can kill germs in rooms, without the usual harmful side-effects of intense UV light. This can be applied in hospitals, surgery or other high-risk environments to aid with infection control.

5.And they also help to get rid of spots and acne.

replacement LED bulbs for sale

LED light therapy, which combines red and blue LED light, is used by dermatologists to treat acne. The blue light penetrates pores and fights the bacteria that cause spots, while red light can reduce inflammation.

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