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Nine amazing things that you didn't know about LED bulbs? Part 02

  • Author:Haddi Browne
  • Release on:2018-12-18
Read on below to find nine amazing things you did not know about LED light bulbs. Today let us learn about the other four amazing things first.

6.Blue lighting can affect your mood and actions.

oem LED bulbs manufacturer China

OEM LED bulbs manufacturer China

Blue light has been shown to have a calming effect on people and research suggests it could be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). What’s more, blue lighting is being trialled in public spaces to cut anti-social behaviour, crime and suicides. There have been anecdotal successes in this area: installing blue lights on a train line in Japan dramatically decreased the number of suicides, while having blue-coloured street lights has reduced both the crime and suicide rates in Glasgow.

7.LEDs can mimic real daylight.

vintage LED bulbs for home

Vintage LED bulbs for home

Innovative skylight brand Coelux has developed a special solid-state lighting (SSL) lightbox installation that gives the appearance of real sky, specific to your location, as seen through a fake skylight. Designed to bring light to basement developments, or other areas where natural light is scarce, the latest versions can even mimic sunsets and the night sky.

8.LEDs can help plants to grow quicker and better, and even in space.

LED light is proving to have a variety of useful effects in the world of plants. Switching older lamps for LEDs helped researchers in Australia to grow wheat twice as quickly, as they don’t give out as much heat, which was affecting the plants with the older lamps. LED light boxes trialled by NASA, who were trying to hit upon the best way to grow food in space, have now become a mainstream fixture in some high-end restaurants and urban areas. LED-lit hydroponic systems developed by Evogro grow plants without soil, using liquid nutrients and a carefully controlled light and temperature system designed to replicate ideal growing conditions.

9.LEDs could be the future of data transfer thanks to Li-Fi.

NEW LED bulbs manufacturer in China

Your LED lights could soon be streaming your Netflix faster than ever before. Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, uses light waves as opposed to the radio waves of Wi-Fi to transmit information, effectively harnessing LED light bulbs in your home as a kind of router. It’s gathering steam as the Next Big Thing, as manufacturers such as Philips (now renamed Signify) look for ways to make it