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Light pollution is threatening your health

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-13

Light pollution is a new environmental pollution source after pollution such as waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise, mainly including white light pollution, artificial chalk pollution and color light pollution. Light pollution is threatening people's health.

In daily life, the common light pollution conditions are the dizziness of pedestrians and drivers caused by mirror construction reflections, and the discomfort caused by unreasonable lighting at night.

Myopia is related to the environment. People know the dangers of water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution to human health, but they have not noticed the potential threats around them - dry pollution is seriously damaging people's eyes.

Let people know more and more about the importance of the environment to human health. People pay attention to water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, etc., and take measures to vigorously rectify, but pay insufficient attention to dry light pollution. The consequence is a variety of eye diseases, especially the rate of myopia is rising rapidly. According to statistics, high school students in China have a myopia rate of more than 60%, ranking second in the world.

In the 1930s, scientific research found that frequent flashing of fluorescent lamps forced the pupils to zoom frequently, causing eye fatigue. If stimulated by strong light for a long time, it will cause edema and blurring of the retina, which will damage the photoreceptor cells on the retina and even affect the vision. “The stronger the light, the longer the time, the greater the stimulation to the eyes.” The glass curtain wall of a building is like a huge mirror. Reflecting light into a car driving at a high speed can cause sudden temporary blindness and vision illusion. It is easy to cause traffic accidents.

To this end, China has invested a large amount of money and manpower each year to deal with myopia, but the effect is not great, because the fundamentals of improving the visual environment are not started. Relevant health experts believe that the visual environment is the main reason for the formation of myopia, rather than eye habits.

According to relevant experts, the dry light pollution in the visual environment can be roughly divided into three types: first, outdoor environmental pollution, such as building exterior walls; second, indoor environmental pollution, such as indoor decoration, indoor poor light color environment; The third is local environmental pollution, such as book paper, certain industrial products.

With the development of urban construction and the advancement of science and technology, the number of mirrors, ceramic tiles and whitewashed walls in the daily life of buildings and interior decoration is increasing. The book paper used for close reading and writing is getting smoother and smoother. People almost put themselves in the body. A "man-made environment" with "strong light and weak color".

According to scientific determination: the light reflection coefficient of the general white powder wall is 60%~80%, the light reflection coefficient of the mirror glass is 82%~88%, and the light reflection coefficient of the particularly smooth powder wall and the white book paper is as high as 90%. The grassland, forest or rough surface decoration is about 10 times higher, which is much higher than the physiological adaptation range that the human body can withstand, and constitutes a new modern pollution source. Studies have shown that dry light pollution can cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, inhibit the function of photoreceptor cells of the retina, and cause visual fatigue and decreased vision.

According to investigations and measurements made by the health department on dozens of laser equipments in dance halls, the laser radiation pressure of most dance halls has exceeded the limit. When this highly dense thermal beam is concentrated in the retina through the lens of the eye, the temperature at the point of convergence can reach 70 degrees Celsius, which is very harmful to the eyes and brain. It can not only cause people's vision damage, but also cause headaches, dizziness, cold sweats, neurasthenia, insomnia and other diseases of the central nervous system.

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