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bought a lamp online and I won’t install it myself?

The trend of online shopping has been popular since the beginning. The products of online shopping are also diversified. Whether you are a cup or a TV set, we can buy it from the Internet as long as we can use it in life. No exception.

We all have the feeling that buying a lamp to go to a physical store to buy a price is always more expensive, and the same light on the Internet is definitely relatively cheap, but also can buy a style that is not in the physical store, go to some regular online store products will also have quality Guarantee. However, the customers of the online store are all facing the whole country. It can't provide all-round after-sales service like a physical store. This is one of the biggest shortcomings of online shopping.

Mr. Chen from Beijing bought a set of high-end European-style lamps online, and consulted the installation questions before placing the order, but the store provided a video tutorial for installation, saying that just follow the steps in the video. At that time, Mr. Chen did not care that the assembly of the lamps was definitely not a big problem. However, on the day of receiving the goods, it was dumbfounded to see the scattered parts. It was only a simple installation diagram. The professional master came to the door and installed all the lamps completely.

Although online shopping luminaires have advantages in price, the after-sales problem has always been criticized by the public. We buy any products, especially electrical products that are frequently used in daily life like lamps, or it is recommended to buy them in physical stores. If the condition is limited to online purchase, you must also find a professional installation worker to install, professional to avoid future security risks.

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