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LED bulb, long-term high temperature in the state, what will happen

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-31
LED bulb has been claimed as a cold light source, therefore, many consumers think LED bulb will not be as incandescent as fever, in fact, this is wrong, LED bulb will still generate heat, the reason LED(china LED bulbs on sale) bulb The electrical energy added is not fully converted into light energy, some of which convert the heat energy, thus generating heat. Basically, after power on only 20% -30% of the electricity into light, the other 70% are converted to heat.

If the LED bulb heat dissipation is not good, it will make the LED chip junction temperature rapidly increased, if the LED bulb bulb in the state of long-term high temperature, it will shorten the life of the LED bulb, so the LED bulb Manufacturers are trying every means to solve the problem of LED bulb cooling, LED bulb heat, can be considered before and after the package, that is, LED chip cooling and LED bulb light heat.
LED chip heat and the substrate and the circuit is mainly related to the choice of technology, and LED bulb bulb heat, in fact, by the heat and heat two parts, LED chip heat generated from the metal cooling block, the first through the solder to Aluminum PCB printed circuit board, and then through the thermal plastic, and finally to the aluminum radiator. Different LED bulb, according to customer needs and costs, using different thermal materials, LED(LED bulbs energy saving china) bulb manufacturers in general there are several types of thermal conductivity.

Aluminum cooling fins: This is the most commonly used cooling method, with aluminum cooling fins as part of the shell to increase the cooling area LED ceiling lanterns are used in the past, the form of sunflowers, the more advanced technology for the knife-type radiator, Like my factory LED bulb manufacturers use is the knife-type heat sink heat-conductive plastic shell: that is filled with plastic material in the plastic shell when the thermal conductivity, increase the plastic shell of the heat, cooling capacity, but the relative aluminum radiator, plastic shell Of the heat is relatively poor air fluid mechanics: the use of lamp housing, creating convection air, which is the lowest cost to strengthen the cooling method of heat pipe: the use of heat pipe technology, the heat led by the LED chip into the shell of the thermal fins, Like a street lamp is to use this design.

Surface radiation heat treatment, that is, the surface coated with radiant heat coating, the heat with radiation from the lamp shell surface to achieve the cooling effect. Therefore, consumers buy LED bulb light bulb, according to their own needs and price range, to choose the qualified lamps.

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