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Innotech Invites Interested Clients on their Most Exclusive Light+Building 2018 Exhibition

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-30
Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd. (Innotech) invites interested clients to the world‘s latest and most exclusive trade fair and exhibition: The Light+Building 2018. This was especially organized for lighting and building services technology connecting individuals to exhibitors that will present their innovative and highly functional products particularly in the fields of electrical and lighting engineering, building and home automation as well. 

Innotech guarantees that individuals present during the event will experience various energy-efficient and environmental friendly lighting products . They will also be able to watch their Light+Building highlights. During the event, individuals can expect for  the chance to access information for directional and non-directional LED lamps, LED tube lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED floodlights and LED(LED Sring Light supplier china) string lights, etc., hold contracts and make newest contacts and more. 
The company therefore sincerely invites everyone interested to take part in the highly anticipated event this 2018 to be held at Frankfurt am Main. Newest products of Innotech will be showcased during the exhibition  including  Giant decorative LED filament bulbs, dimmable and CCT adjustable LED(LED Panel Light manufacturer china) panel lights and downlights, dimmable LED tubes, especially New flexible LED filament bulbs with European patent. 

Visit Innotech booth Hall 10.2, D31C to experience the best in green lighting solution. At the Light+Building 2018 fair, individuals will be demonstrated not just amazing lighting products  but also ways on how to unlock extraordinary potentials of lighting. 
Improve well-being and home and then change how people experience green lighting solution. This event also give individuals ideas on how to build green and smart homes and cities with LED lighting as well as reduce energy costs, maintenance and then improve lighting’s operational efficiency. Visit Innotech at Light+Building 2018 fair and gain new insights and change individuals’ shopping experience as well. Individuals can experience all these on the said event. 

Innotech Industrial Co., Ltd. is an exclusive and professional manufacturer and exporter of LED lighting products in China. With over 17 years of experience in the worldwide market delivering different ranges of  LED lighting products such as LED bulbs & lamps, LED spotlights, LED(LED Tube manufacturer china) tubes, LED Panel lights and downlights, LED string lights and more.the company can surely cater to clients’ needs for reliable and efficient lighting products and applications. 

For more information, visit For inquiries and further assistance, contact Ms. Zoe Chen and Mr. Nick Luo at 0086-755-82769313, 8276 9316 or send email at  or visit their booth  Hall 10.2, D31C at the Light+Building 2018 fair.

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Company Name:  Innotech Industrial Company Limited
City, State, Country:  Shenzhen, China
Address:  #1201, 12/F., Anhui Building, No.6007 Shennan Road
Contact Person: Ms. Zoe Chen, Mr. Nick Luo
Tel: 0086-755-82769313, 8276 9316, Mobile: 008618938659461
Light+Building 2018 - Innotech Booth No.:  Hall 10.2, D31C