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Distinction and choice downlight can also be so simple

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-29
LED Downlights and spotlights look similar in appearance, but they are different in many ways, what exactly is the difference between them? Use small size, changing the shape of the LED as a light source, LED downlights and spotlights evolved into an integrated lighting. Once a lamp, it is necessary to consider both dimensions and light dimensions.LED(LED Panel Downlight manufacturer china) Downlight: a small downlight emitting vertical light, spotlights: adjustable direction of the lamp, concentrating to a small area, play a key role in lighting.
When it is no longer excessive pursuit of "a bright light whole house," the uniform lighting, downlights and spotlights from the "once-popular" "return-type edge of the ceiling," embarked on a "broader stage", providing home life Light in the level of texture, the atmosphere to create, focus on the details of the quality of the reduction, or even uniform lighting. In order to provide these different lighting scenes required for life, you need to fine control the light, lighting through the beam angle of this property to achieve.In terms of light, downlights and spotlights no obvious boundaries, the degree of beam angle to plan applications.

That in Europe, now called the uniform LED(LED Panel Downlight supplier china) downlight. Divided into a rotatable downlight (better control of the direction) and a fixed downlight. So right now, we have to remember the concept of beam angle. So how to choose a Tube Spotlights with Beam Angle The beam angle of conventional downlights and spotlights is achieved by refracting the reflector or lens,There are three easy ways to identify the pros and cons of human eyes,Observe the sophistication of reflector or lens,Optics is a very delicate science, reflector or lens is equipped with a light laboratory design modulation, open the mold plus a good manufacturing process, in order to have a uniform beam angle. Its internal structure, like a room full of rhombic lens, a slight change in one side of the lens, the light will be all-changed, so we observe their delicate degree to know the pros and cons, the inner wall is clearly more rugged water chestnut is better.

View the real results: See buyers show, is the most intuitive feeling. Professionals can request IES light distribution curve files: light distribution curve clearly records the light trails, import IES files to lighting design software such as Dialux, for space lighting design.

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