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How much is the LED light energy saving than the incandescent lamp

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-03-13
Since October 1st this year, China will prohibit the import and sale of 60 watts or more ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, and experts predict that the LED lamp will be the biggest winner in the future. Although red and green LED(Globe G95 Vintage LED light bulb) had been published for a long time, without the presence of blue light LED, white light could not be made.

LED has several advantages over incandescent lamps.
The first of course is the high luminous efficiency. The conversion rate of the electric energy of an incandescent lamp to light energy is about 10%, and the efficiency of LED(Globe G80 LED light supplier) is up to 60%, which is higher than the fluorescent lamp.

The second is that the voltage needed is very low, and a few volts will do.
The third advantage is long life, the life of the incandescent lamp is about one thousand hours, and the life of LED is up to one hundred thousand hours (more than 10 years).

So much, how much energy can LED save than the incandescent lamp?
The advantages of incandescent lamp: good light and light gathering, high cost and low production.
Disadvantages of incandescent lamps: no environmental protection is the biggest drawback. Secondly, the incandescent lamp belongs to the thermoluminescence. 95% of the electricity is consumed on heating. Only 5% of the electricity is really converted into the light we can see, so the luminous efficiency is low. Besides, the disadvantages of incandescent lamp are: high heating temperature, fast heat evaporation and short life (1000 hours). The life is related to filament temperature, usually about 1000 hours, and the color is single.

LED lamp life of 20000 hours or more, has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, 1000 hours consumption of electricity; long life lamp; light emitting semiconductor chip, no filament, no glass bubble, shock resistance, not easily broken; no ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation; does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon to facilitate recycling, and will not produce electromagnetic interference; DC drive, no stroboscopic, protect eyesight; the safety coefficient is high; the market potential, can be used in remote mountainous areas and the field of lighting and electricity, less electric field etc..

Of course, led also has disadvantages, such as the stroboscopic phenomenon; LED(C7 LED Filament indicator lamps) lamp light, will strongly stimulate the eyes, can not be directly, even a short period of time, while the ordinary energy-saving lamps is relatively gentle; the irradiation angle is limited, generally only after 120 degrees, while the ordinary energy-saving lamps can be irradiated almost 360 degrees; brightness irradiation room than energy-saving lamp well, because LED has high brightness only in a narrow angle open, the light is rapidly weakened and deviates from the angle

What about the energy saving lamp? The advantage is that the energy conversion rate is much higher than that of the incandescent lamp, which saves electricity. It also can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has a long life span of 6000 hours.

Energy saving lamp shortcoming: the price is higher, and if the lamp tube is not carefully broken, it will cause the mercury volatilization, and it has great harm to the human body.