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Energy-saving lamps and LED lights, which one is more suitable for home lighting(part 1)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-22
For some people buy a lamp and do not care what the lamp(best led bulbs supplier), the lamp does not consume any electricity, anyway, can use it. Although the lamp power consumption is relatively small compared to other appliances, but the long-term use of the process will be no small electricity bill. The lights will be turned on at night, and we can not turn on the lights less because of power saving. All we can do is select a relatively power-efficient light. The mainstream of the market now are LED lights(oem  LED bulbs supplier china) and energy-saving lamps. Just look at the name of two kinds of lights may be some people think energy-saving lamps more power, otherwise why does call it as energy-saving lamps?

Energy-saving lamps are actually a kind of lamp that everyone is very familiar with. Energy-saving lamps are also called fluorescent lamps or fluorescent lamps. The so-called fluorescent tube is also a kind of energy-saving lamp. Energy-saving lamps are mainly through the ballast to the lamp filament heating, the filament began to launch electrons (because the filament coated with some electronic powder), under the action of a variety of UV-excited phosphor to produce light, because the fluorescent lamp operating temperature ratio Conventional incandescent lamps work at much lower temperatures, so their lifespan is also greatly increased. Under normal circumstances they can reach more than 5000 hours. Because of the current thermal effect of incandescent lamps, the energy conversion efficiency of phosphors is very high. High efficiency naturally high brightness, but also more power, in theory, more than 80% power saving than traditional lamps, but it also has some very bad places.

1 because it is glass products, easy to break, not good transport. 

2  the lamp filled with mercury (mercury), the production process and the use of mercury pollution after disposal. 

3 either lamp or ballast are easy to damage the short life expectancy, especially ballast prices are not cheap, plus labor costs is not a small expenditure, as I help others to change the ballast material costs Net profit of 38. 

4 energy-saving lamps is only relatively traditional incandescent energy-saving only, not the real energy-saving, like the family are generally used 36W lamp and more, one kilowatt is equal to electricity, a light pipe 36W by 100 hours is equal to 3600W Almost four days in almost five days time. 

5 energy-saving lamps if the frequent start-up or shut down the filament will be black quickly broken.

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