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About LED  Filament bulb introduction

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-19
With the prohibition of the order to carry out, LED lamps with its energy saving, health no strobe, highlight the advantages of long life finally boarded the lighting stage. However, the traditional LED lamps are used LED(LED Filament bulb supplier) lamp as a light source, only 120° light, some excellent technology can only do 180°light.
The traditional light source is 360° light, in order to meet the people's habits, LED technology research and development staff are committed to the design of the LED light source for the whole week, which we now have 360°llight LED filament lamp .LED filament lamp LED light bar replaced the original LED lamp beads as a light source, and this LED(china LED fliament light bulb manufacturer and supplier) light bar is packaged by the chip on a long strip of substrate, with gold wire connected to each chip conductive, the surface attached to the yellow phosphor, to achieve Perfect 360°light bar.
Light bar on the wire is divided into pure gold, alloy wire and wire, the general low-end LED filament lamp will use alloy wire and wire, high-end LED filament lamp is selected 99.9% pure gold wire.Capacitor over-burning will fall, too low will change and IC driver can accept 10% of the voltage fluctuation range, the general use of low voltage range of 90-130V, high voltage range of 180-260V, no strobe .LED filament lamp cap Can be replaced under the ordinary incandescent lamp, the conventional E27, E14, but also for different countries to achieve the standard lamp tailor-made.

Lamp shell has different shapes and colors of points, usually LED filament bulb shell can be divided according to the color of the transparent, white, matte, gold-plated, silver, etc., according to the shape can be divided into C series, A series, G series, R series, ST series and T series.

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